Buy 2008 Chrysler Sebring Wheel Hub Assembly in Australia

Buy 2008 Chrysler Sebring Wheel Hub Assembly in Australia

 ·  April 22, 2022

From negotiating a sharp turn on a challenging trail to cruising on the city roads, you need the wheel hub assembly of your 2008 Chrysler Sebring to function correctly. If this crucial auto component isn't working, it can affect your safety on the road. The hub assembly is a crucial part of the steering system. It helps the driver turn right or left or drive straight. It is a pre-assembled unit that features sensors, seals, and precision bearings. You will find this auto component on each wheel of your vehicle. Its location is between the discs or brake drums and the drive axle.

How Do You Know If You Have a Damaged Wheel Hub Assembly?

The signs of a damaged wheel hub assembly that you need to look for include:

Squealing, squeaking, humming, and chirping sounds from the tires. The steering wheel shakes when driving. 

ABS light comes on when the signal is lost or the sensor doesn't read correctly. When driving your 2008 Chrysler Sebring, you should always ensure that the entire steering system is working efficiently. Driving your vehicle with a damaged web hub assembly can get dangerous. If the bearings inside the body get worn out, the wheels won't turn smoothly. If the wheels aren't secure, the vehicle will get shaky, making it unsafe to drive. If the degradation of the hub assembly continues, the wheel might come off ultimately.

Different Components of a Wheel Hub Assembly


Wheel Studs

Outer and Inner Wheel Bearings

Dust Cap 


Wheel Hub

The wheel hub is the most significant component of the assembly. It gets made from cast or forged pieces of metal. Resembling a disc, the hub assembly has a centre with wheel studs. The wheel hub will have a hole in the centre for the bearing assembly—some vehicles in which the bearing assembly gets built into the wheel hub. You will find that the bearing assembly is a separate component in some cars. The wheel hub is considered the backbone of the assembly as it connects or holds the other auto parts to the assembly.

Wheel Bearings 

The wheel bearings help the wheel to spin. The wheel bearing components include an outer and inner metal ring, a roller element or steel balls, a bearing seal, a bearing cage, and a retainer. Even though it is a small auto part, it is crucial to enable the wheels to spin correctly. The wheel bearing fits the wheel hub and rides on the spindle or the axle shaft. The wheel bearing connects the vehicle wheel through the wheel hub, which helps the wheel rotate.

The wheel bearings are most susceptible to damage than all the wheel hub assembly auto components. The wheel bearing gets worn out as it sees a lot of force applied on the small auto part.

Wheel Studs 

The wheel studs are integral to the wheel hubs. It is because they connect the wheel to the wheel hub assembly. The wheel and the brake rotor slide over the wheel studs, and the lug nuts help secure the wheel. Without this crucial auto component, you cannot connect the wheel to the hub assembly.

Oil Seal

The rubber oil seal helps protect the wheel bearings from dirt and debris from road and water. The rubber seal will help keep the lubrication within the wheel assembly. If you don't have an oil seal, the wheel assembly will get damaged.

Dust Cap 

The opening on the wheel hub assembly can create a problem as road debris, dirt, and water can enter the wheel assembly and damage it considerably. The dust cap will cover the entire opening, preventing the auto component from getting worn out.

Wheel Hub Assembly Care and Maintenance

The wheel hub assembly is a sturdy auto component that lasts well for many years. With a little bit of care and maintenance, you can ensure that it performs efficiently. When driving, you need to pay attention to uneven slopes and bumps on the road. Riding over bumps and slopes at high speeds can damage the wheel assembly. You should also ensure that water doesn't enter the wheel hub assembly as it can cause rust and corrosion.

If you suspect the wheel hub assembly to be damaged, you can consult a certified mechanic who will inspect and provide you with the details. Based on the mechanic's report, you can choose to change the wheel assembly. You should always avoid driving with any damaged auto component on the road as it can affect your safety and other drivers. Choosing the suitable auto component for your Chrysler Sebring will perform as good as new.

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