Looking for Jeep Compass parts?

Don’t waste time searching for bits and pieces for your vehicle – we’re here to help. No matter where you’re based in Australia, we can provide you with best-in-class Jeep Compass parts to suit your individual needs and requirements. 

 With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we utilise smart technologies and inventory tracking to pinpoint the right components for your needs, and then quickly dispatch them to your location across the country.

 Browse through our range today and contact us to get the best quality spares, minus the hassle.

Access the best Jeep Compass parts for your vehicle

Whether it is an entirely new engine or drivetrain, panels of exterior components or computer and electronic accessories, we have the essentials you need in one nifty location.

 Backed by years of experience, our range includes plenty of options to choose from, with a selection of engines, motors, transmission and gearboxes readily on hand.

 Beyond this, all sensors, bolts, valves and cylinders are covered by our team, so you can gain peace of mind towards investing in a quality product and service.

We support a variety of makes and models

Working hard to extend our collection, we stock a wide range of  Jeep Compass parts, as well as components for all Dodge and Chrysler vehicles. We can also provide spares for models throughout the Cherokee, Commander, Patriot, Renegade and Wrangler lines, as well as Chrysler.

A well-regarded Jeep Compass wrecker

Do you have a Compass, Dodge or Chrysler that has been written off or is just taking up space on your property?

 We offer competitive rates to collect your vehicle so it can get a new lease on life through parts for other owners hunting them down across the country.

 If you’re looking for a quality-driven Jeep Compass wrecker in your area,  contact us on (03) 9312 3344 to get started.