Why Did Dodge Stop Making the Neon?

Why Did Dodge Stop Making the Neon?

 ·  February 11, 2022

The Dodge Neon was an iconic car in the compact sedan segment. The appearance and power of the sedan made it a much-sought vehicle when it got introduced. The car received mixed reviews, and this has affected sales. Even after years of production, the sedan sales didn't do well. Due to this, Dodge stopped making the Neon. Many reasons stopped the production of this car. Let us look at some of them now.

Top Problems of the Dodge Neon

Oil Enters the Spark Plug Tubes

The engine tends to misfire, due to which the acceleration gets inconsistent at low speeds. It is because the oil enters the spark plug tubes and affects the efficient performance of the spark plug. In some instances, the check engine light also goes up. Most owners replace the engine seals to prevent the oil from leaking.

The Cooling Fan Malfunctions 

The auto component is crucial for the vehicle's functioning as it allows air to pass through the radiator. When the air goes inside the radiator, it reduces the coolant's heat. The cooling fan is another component that is often known to fail. If the cooling fan doesn't turn on, it can cause overheating. Overheating of the radiator and other components will eventually damage the engine.

Error Codes Are Faulty 

The engine will not function properly if the crankshaft or camshaft sensor malfunctions. It can cause poor fuel economy, misfires, and frequent stalling. Due to the incorrect error codes, owners tend to replace components functioning efficiently.

HVAC System with Musty Smell

A musty or dirty odour develops when the HVAC system doesn't function properly. Most car owners get confused with these strange smells as their vehicle is immaculate.The foul smell is due to bacterial growth in the vehicle's ventilation system. The HVAC system needs to get cleaned or replaced to get rid of the bad smell.

Noise in Axle Shaft 

Drivers often hear a clunking, popping or clicking sound, which usually comes when they brake or accelerate. The noise is generally tiny, but it is loud enough to think you had hit something on the road. The leaking rubber gasket of the axle shaft is often the cause of this problem. You need to understand that the axle shaft hasn't got damaged despite the annoying sound. When you replace the rubber gasket, you can fix the problem.

Power Steering Problems

The power steering pump can get quite noisy. You can fix the problem using the power steering fluid. Steering fluid loss is a common problem, and it is best to get it checked regularly.

Engine Stumbles 

At times the engine might have hiccups or stumble problems. The issue often causes oil leakage in the spark plug tubes. If the pipes are damaged or worn out, you need to get them replaced. It will help the engine perform efficiently.

Air Bag Deploy Problem 

The airbag issue can result in serious safety issues when driving the sedan. Some owners experienced airbag deployed delay problems when the Neon was involved in an accident. It wasn't only the front airbags that didn't get deployed immediately but also the side and window airbags.

Faulty Electrical System 

If your vehicle's lighting doesn't work, it is often due to a faulty electrical system. It will help if the electrical system gets fixed so that the front and rear lights function correctly.

Power Train Problem 

Manual transmission and power train problems are the most common in Dodge Neon. The manual transmission gets locked, and this will create engine problems. The drive will have to shift from second to third gear many times for the transmission to work correctly.

Structure Issues 

The Neon frame has many structural problems due to which the dashboard tends to crack. As the vehicle's structure is not strong, it can cause hood and door problems. The exterior frame might also rust, resulting in safety issues.

Brake Problems 

The brake system might not function efficiently, even at low speeds. If the brakes don't work correctly, they can cause problems in both city and off-road terrain. Get this fixed immediately as it only affects your safety but that of other drivers on the road. 

Even though the Dodge Neon performs well in its category, the many engines, brakes, lighting, and transmission problems have dented its popularity. A dip in popularity has resulted in Dodge stopping the Neon production completely.

Dodge has introduced other new models and vehicles that have gained immense popularity. The sedan is now manufactured only in Turkey for use in the middle eastern countries and Mexico. The Neon is not likely to get manufactured again and sold in Australia.

If you own the Dodge Neon, you might find it difficult to get parts and accessories for the sedan. If you replace the damaged or worn-out auto parts, the Neon may start performing to its optimum capacity. The production of the Dodge Neon got discontinued in 2005, due to which getting genuine auto parts might get complicated. Most often, you may not get original parts and accessories, which will make it hard to repair and ensure that the vehicle runs again on the road.

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