Which Jeep Model Is the Safest?

Which Jeep Model Is the Safest?

 ·  October 20, 2021

Jeeps are popular vehicles known for their rugged appearance and excellent performance both on and off-road terrain. All Jeep models come equipped with advanced safety technology and features, and the safety features will give you security each time you drive. A jeep is one of the most dependable vehicles on the road, and modern models have evolved to include highly advanced safety features. The safety ratings of most Jeep models are also excellent. Let us look at some of the advanced safety features of popular Jeep models.

Jeep Cherokee Model

The Jeep Cherokee model has got designed with the most technologically advanced safety features. The safety features will help keep you on the right path on the road.

Rear Cross Path Detection and Blind Spot Monitoring

If another vehicle on the road starts travelling in one of your blind spots, the blind spot monitoring safety feature will alert you of the vehicle presence. If any cars cross the path of your Cherokee when you are backing up, the rear cross path detection safety feature gets activated, and it will help you back up safely.

Forward Collision Warning System with Active Braking Feature

Radar sensors help detect if another vehicle on the road is approaching your Jeep at full speed. The detectors sound an alert with a visual warning and audible chime. The Cherokee might even come to a complete stop if necessary.

Lane Departure Warning System

The lane keeps an assist feature, and the lane departure warning system will alert the driver if they drift from the lane. The sensors will give an audio and video warning and help get back to the correct lane.

Jeep Compass Model

The versatility and capability of the Jeep Compass model have made it a popular choice of vehicle. The long list of safety features help it get the top rating,

Traffic Sign Recognition

A front-facing camera in the Jeep Compass model will help detect the road signs and the permissible speed signs. The camera also sees Signs that prohibit overtaking on some roads.

Drowsy Driver Alert

The drowsy driver alert is one of the best security and safety features of the Jeep Compass. The sensors track the vehicle's movement and check whether the driver's behaviour is consistent with someone driving in an exhausted state. The car system immediately responds by sending an alert to the driver.

Automatic Emergency Braking

The Jeep Compass sensors help detect cyclists and pedestrians on the road who are at risk of collision with your vehicle. In such scenarios, the automatic emergency braking feature comes into effect and stops your Jeep. It is a standard safety feature on all versions of the Jeep Compass.

Jeep Gladiator Model

The Jeep Gladiator model comes packed with passive and active safety features. The safety features will help you drive safely and keep you out of trouble.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The adaptive cruise control safety system comes equipped with the automatic full stop feature. The feature will help you maintain a driving speed that avoids collision with other vehicles on the road. If the Gladiator comes too close to another vehicle, the automatic full stop feature will bring it to a complete stop. Driver assistance is not required as this safety feature functions automatically.

Rear Backup Camera

Sonar sensors get used by the rear backup assist system to help you park the Jeep Gladiator. The sensors located in the back bumper help detect if any obstacles exist in the parking area. An alert gets sounded if there are any obstacles near your vehicle. The safety feature enables you to back up into a parking spot or when you do parallel parking.

Trailer Sway Control System

The trailer sway control system will help keep the trailer in line with your Jeep. The control system will detect when the trailer starts swaying, and a brake pressure gets applied on the Jeep wheels so that the trailer gets back in line.

Jeep Wrangler Model

The Jeep Wrangler model is one of the most popular Jeep models in the market. High-Beam Headlamps (Automatic) The automatic high-beam headlamps have sensors that help detect when they are needed and when they are not required. The safety feature acts as a precaution to oncoming traffic, and the bright headlamps will also help you see the road.

Airbags and Pretensioners

The Jeep Wrangler has front and side-impact airbags, and it helps protect the driver and passenger in the front and rear of the Jeep. If there is a frontal crash, the airbags have got designed to protect the driver and passenger's head. The side-impact airbags for the front seat will help protect the torso of the driver and passenger. Apart from airbags, the Wrangler model also comes equipped with a pretensioner.

The pretensioner safety feature will automatically tighten the belts of the occupants of the Jeep. It will ensure that the occupants in the Jeep remain in a seating position in the event of a collision.

Anti-Lock Brakes and Stability Control

The anti-lock brake system of the Jeep will help in automatically detecting when a tire has stopped rotating due to extreme braking. The brake pressure will get modulated so that the tire starts spinning seamlessly, and it will increase the ability of the Jeep to turn when the driver begins braking.

If the handling limits of the Wrangler get exceeded, then the stability control system detects this and speed gets reduced. Brake pressure also gets applied so that the driver can regain control of the vehicle.

The additional safety and security systems of the Jeep models have sensors and cameras that help detect any issue on the road. Irrespective of the driving conditions and terrain, the safety systems monitor the road and other surroundings for any risks. Most of the safety features come into effect without the intervention of the driver.

The automatic features will help you drive safely even in the most challenging terrain. You will enjoy your drive and relax knowing so many security and safety features are available in the Jeep. Most of the safety features are standard in any of the Jeep models you buy. Learning more about the many features of the Jeep will help you choose wisely.

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