Which is the most powerful Jeep in Australia?

Which is the most powerful Jeep in Australia?

 ·  August 8, 2023

If you want to drive the most powerful Jeep in Australia, you should choose Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. The Trackhawk will enable you to get a thrill-induced ride each time you step inside the Jeep, thanks to the powerful Hellcat V-8 engine under the hood. 

If you want to perform preventive maintenance or repairs or improve the overall performance of your SUV, you should ensure that all auto parts and accessories are working efficiently. Look out for minor tell-tale signs that indicate that the vehicle is underperforming its potential. 

Regular maintenance and care of your SUV will enable you to save money. When you replace the worn-out vehicle parts in the initial stages, you can prevent any significant problems, which will help keep your car road worthy.


Let's look at the interior and exterior features of the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, which makes it one of the most powerful vehicles on the roads of Australia. 


The Trackhawk's interiors have got thoughtfully designed so that you get the best comfort and luxurious feel each time you step inside the vehicle. The upscale interior cabin comes equipped with convenience and comfort features as standard. 

The front seats provide fantastic support and legroom, so you stay energized even when driving long distances. The premium leather upholstery makes the interiors exude elegance. The rear seat passengers can enjoy the warmth of heated seats, which makes the journey pleasant even in the cold winter months. 

The soft-touch materials and contrast stitching makes the interior space look good. The space inside the vehicle doesn't get compromised, and the front and rear seat passengers have good head and leg room. The centre stack is sturdy and includes the gear selector knob. The luxurious leather dashboard adds a sense of grandeur.

The other key features which make the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk interiors look awesome include the following:

  • Ambient interior lighting.
  • Wood trim on the steering wheel. 
  • The steering wheel can get power adjusted as per the driver's preference. 
  • Premium leather upholstery.
  • Memory settings are available for the front driver and passenger. 
  • Quad-zone automatic climate control.

The infotainment system adds value to the vehicle. The system interface is smooth, and you get a layout of user-friendly menu options. The different menu options that make the system fantastic include:

  • Six USB ports.
  • A 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment display.
  • Nine-speaker Alpine audio.
  • Navigation.

Floor and seat covers will help keep the interiors of your vehicle looking clean and neat. The mats will prevent dirt, dust and any spillage from reaching the floor of the car. 


The exterior design of the Trackhawk looks visually appealing, distinguishing it from other Jeep models. The unique features of this SUV include:

  • 20-inch wheels.
  • Performance-specific tires.
  • Xenon headlamps.
  • A lower front grille.
  • A hands-free liftgate.
  • LED exterior lighting.

The wide front bumper makes it an ideal choice for off-road enthusiasts. When you keep your vehicle functional and operating efficiently, it can help retain its value. Just Jeeps has a vast assortment of exterior parts and accessories, which can help your vehicle look good for a long time. 

We have hundreds of unique products which can keep your SUV look apart from other vehicles on the road. We have easy-to-install lights, door handles, mirrors, bezels, gas caps, and vents, which can help keep your vehicle stunning. 


The most powerful Jeep in Australia comes equipped with many safety features. The standard safety features of this SUV include:

  • Front cross-traffic alert system. 
  • Surround view camera system. 
  • Driver attention monitor system. 
  • Active driving assist.
  • Forward collision warning and mitigation system.

Tires and Wheels

No other auto parts affect the performance of your SUV as much as wheels and tires. There are different wheel and tire options available for different trim variants. It would be best if you chose those made specifically for your vehicle. If you want to give your SUV a distinct look, you can buy custom wheels. 

High-quality wheels and tires will give you traction on the road, ensuring a safe drive in any terrain. Good traction on the road is significant if you are an off-road enthusiast. 

Automotive Lighting 

Automotive lighting is crucial to driving safely, even in darkness. Good bright headlights and taillights are necessary for safe driving, but with age and damage from debris and dust, the lights become dim. It is best to replace the damaged headlights and taillights immediately so that you see the road. 

You can install additional lights to make your SUV more visible and see clearly in the darkness. Good quality LED lights will help reduce glare and enable you to see the road even in inclement weather. Besides this, LED lights are also a stylish accessory that will make your SUV look awesome. 

SUV Audio and Electronics 

If you want to access video and audio entertainment wherever you go, investing in high-quality audio and electronic systems is best. Apart from entertainment, the GPS navigator will enable you to reach your destination quickly. 

Bluetooth wireless car kits will enable you to make calls and play your favourite music using the vehicle audio system. The woofers and subwoofers will help you enjoy every beat of the music you play. 

Even though the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is the most powerful Jeep in Australia, you might have to replace auto parts and accessories that get damaged or wear out with time. It's never safe to drive with damaged vehicle parts, and you need to get them replaced with efficient working aftermarket parts. 

Just Jeeps has everything you need and much more for your vehicle. Our excellent customer service has made us the most preferred aftermarket auto parts provider in Australia. 

Each aftermarket auto part and accessory we sell get tested for its efficiency and performance. Only those vehicle parts that withstand our vigorous testing get listed on our website. We always ensure that you get value for money for every purchase you make from our website. 

Just Jeeps is your one-stop solution for all your auto needs. Visit our website to shop for high-quality vehicle parts and accessories. When you shop with us, you will improve the SUV's functionality and aesthetic appeal. It will make your own driving experience enjoyable. 

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