What to Look When Buying a Used Jeep Compass?

What to Look When Buying a Used Jeep Compass?

 ·  April 9, 2022

The Jeep Compass is more than just a brand. The all-around SUV has a lot to offer as it lives up to its off-road reputation. The rugged vehicle lasts for a long time and will provide value for money. You can choose either a two-door or four-door model. 

Buying a used Jeep Compass is an investment worth making as it is a vehicle with a lot to offer. The Compass is a compact SUV and is one of the most popular vehicles in Australia. The off-road capabilities of this SUV have made it a preferred choice. 

One of the things about owning a Compass is its strong reputation.

Buying a used vehicle is a fantastic and straightforward way to save money. If you are apprehensive about purchasing a used SUV, we will help you choose and have a great shopping experience. The big benefit of buying a used Jeep Compass is choosing even premium trims within your budget. Before you buy a used Jeep, you need to consider its fuel economy, performance, engine, interiors and exteriors and common repairs you might encounter.

Inspect Before Buying

Before you buy any used vehicle, you need to inspect it thoroughly to ensure there is no problem or damage. When you do a complete inspection, you will also know whether the Jeep needs any repairs to fix a problem.

The most important things you need to check before buying a used Jeep Compass includes:


One of the crucial things you need to check when buying a used Jeep is the undercarriage. If the undercarriage is damaged or if the frame has rust, you should avoid buying such a vehicle.Inspect the skid plates as most Jeeps get driven through off-road trails. The skid plates get installed to minimise the damage from rocks, stumps, and other hazardous things found on challenging courses.

Looks for any dents, scrapes, and scratches on the skid plates to indicate significant damage. You should also check if any auto parts and accessories have got recently replaced.

Check for Upgrades or Modifications

The best and most straightforward way to enhance the appearance and performance of a Jeep is to upgrade or modify it as per your specific requirements. Most Jeep owners tend to change their vehicles to suit their off-road driving needs.

A poorly installed suspension can affect the vehicle's life and impact your overall driving experience. The suspension is crucial for the performance of your Jeep.

Look at the condition of the fittings, control arms, bushings, bolts, and ball joints when you check the suspension for damage. When you inspect the SUV for modifications, you can make a good choice and negotiate the price based on the vehicle's condition.You also need to check whether any parts or accessories have got welded to the Jeep. If the welding doesn't get done correctly, it will affect the stability of the auto part. The auto parts and accessories might get loose, negatively impacting your driving.


Rust of major auto parts and accessories is a serious concern and shouldn't get ignored when buying a used vehicle. A small amount of rust is typical in any old SUV or car, but if the auto part gets damaged beyond repair due to rust, it can become an issue.

If the Jeep had been driven through muddy terrains by its previous owner, you must check the undercarriage for rust. Rust can spread fast, and it can affect the complete structural integrity of your vehicle. If you see a lot of rust on the Jeep, it can result in costly repairs.The exteriors of the Jeep should get wholly checked for any signs of rust. The body panels, doors, and hood need to get checked for rust. The hinges might trap moisture, and this can result in rusting.


Tires are crucial for your safety and security on the road. Most buyers of used vehicles tend to overlook the condition of tires. If the tires and other related components are not in good condition, it can affect your driving.Look for signs of wear on the tires. There are many types of wear on the tires, and they tend to indicate different problems. It is often an alignment problem if the tire treads are uneven down the middle or on the edges.

If the front tires are damaged or worn out, then the back tires indicate they haven't got appropriately rotated. The front tires get worn out as they bear the maximum weight of the engine.If the tires get entirely worn out, you need to get them replaced. A good quality tire will ensure grip on the road and enable you to drive safely on any terrain.


Leaks are another critical issue that you need to pay attention to when buying used vehicles. You need to check if there are any cracks in the hoses, resulting in leaks. The most common leaks are engine coolant and engine oil. Determine the cause of the vehicle leak and get it fixed. If the leak is not specified, it might affect the mileage and performance of the vehicle. Replace auto parts and accessories that might get damaged, resulting in leaks. If the leak doesn't get fixed immediately, it can affect the vehicle's fuel economy.

If you want to upgrade your used Jeep Compass and enhance its performance, you can shop for genuine aftermarket auto parts and accessories at Just Jeep Auto Wreckers. We can ship your choice vehicle product anywhere in Australia. A Jeep is a rugged vehicle, and you need to replace its parts and accessories immediately if you find them damaged or worn out. Regular maintenance and repairs will help retain the value of the vehicle.

Aftermarket auto parts are the best choice as they cost less than new auto parts but provide the best performance. Please visit our online store and shop for aftermarket parts based on the model and make of your Jeep Compass. We sell only original auto parts, which get covered with a warranty.

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