What Is the Difference Between the Grand Cherokee Models?

What Is the Difference Between the Grand Cherokee Models?

 ·  October 9, 2021

The Grand Cherokee is a mid-sized SUV, and it offers one of the most diverse models of vehicles suited for both on and off-road performance. Irrespective of which Cherokee model you choose, you can have all your needs covered. There are seven trim levels available, and you can choose as per your individual preferences.

The seven trim levels include: Trackhawk, SRT, Summit, Overland, Trailhawk, Limited, and Laredo.

The five-passenger Grand Cherokee is available with four-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. All-wheel-drive systems are standard on all trim levels. All trim levels include an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The engine line-up includes:

A standard V6 3.6 litre (260 lb. ft and 295 horsepower). 

The V8 5.7 litre is optional for Summit, Overland and Trailhawk (390 lb. ft and 360 horsepower).

The V8 6.4 litre is standard on the SRT model (475 lb. ft and 470 horsepower).

The V8 6.2 litre supercharged is standard for the Trackhawk (645 lb. ft and 707 horsepower).

Grand Cherokee Laredo Model

The Laredo model has many unique features, making it one of the most preferred trim levels of the Grand Cherokee. The 18-inch wheels provide you with the stability and grip you need when driving in challenging terrain.

The other outstanding features include keyless ignition and entry, a 7-inch touch screen entertainment system, and a 6-speaker audio system. The entertainment system is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The safety features of the Laredo include rear parking sensors that alert the driver of obstacles that are not visible when parking. The other safety features include rear cross-traffic alert and blind-spot monitoring.

Grand Cherokee Limited Model

The Limited model is like the Laredo model but has excellent features, including a sunroof and an 8.4-inch infotainment system. The leather upholstery, heated front seats and steering make your ride comfortable in extreme weather conditions. 

The auto-dimming mirrors, power-adjustable front seats (driver memory settings) and power liftgate are the other unique features of the Grand Cherokee Limited model.

Grand Cherokee Trailhawk Model

The Trailhawk model is a perfect choice for drivers who want a little extra from their vehicle. The vehicle's off-road capability, along with all-terrain tires and 18-inch wheels, will enable you to drive safely even in the most challenging terrain.The other extra features include off-road-tuned air suspension, heavy-duty engine cooling, and underbody skid plates. The upgraded audio system helps you enjoy your favourite music even when you navigate difficult roads. The all-terrain drive modes will help you switch to a drive mode that is most suitable to the terrain you are driving. The front seat ventilation and rear seat heating make it comfortable even when you go a long distance.

Grand Cherokee Overland Model

If looking for luxury in your Grand Cherokee, you can choose the Overland model. The luxury features include Xenon headlights, 20-inch wheels and an upgraded seating system. The leather and wood wrapped steering wheel add to the appeal of the interiors. The steering column can get power adjusted to suit the experience of the driver.

Grand Cherokee Summit Model

The Summit model is one of the most luxurious trims of Grand Cherokee. The exterior and interior trim features provide the most luxury to the driver and the passengers. The luxurious features include a 19-speaker audio system and upgraded leather seating. The fantastic safety features of the Summit model include parallel parking assist (helps the driver in parallel parking) and lane departure warning (warns the driver if the Grand Cherokee drifts out of its lane). The other enhanced safety features include forward collision mitigation (warns the driver of an impending collision. Brakes also get applied in some situations) and adaptive cruise control (helps maintain distance between the Grand Cherokee and the vehicle in front).

Grand Cherokee SRT Model

The on and off-road performance of the SRT model makes it a favourite trim choice of the Grand Cherokee. The enhanced features of this model include 20-inch aluminium wheels with special performance tires. The sports tuned front seats make the interiors look luxurious. The high-performance braking system and adaptive suspension make driving your Grand Cherokee a breeze.

Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Model

The black exteriors enhance the appeal of the Trackhawk model. The 20-inch aluminium wheels (black painted) provide the best performance on the road. The other features of the Trackhawk model include a high-performance braking system and suspension. The eight-speed transmission helps you enjoy a comfortable ride.

Suppose you want any of the high-level features found in luxurious trim models added to other trims; you can choose to add them as a package. It will improve the looks and performance of the trim model to which the features have got added.The different models of the Grand Cherokee offer many options to the owners as you can choose any feature you want in your vehicle. You do need to understand that each trim model has its unique features, which makes them special.

You can choose from the economical to ultra-luxurious depending on your individual preference and budget. Irrespective of the Grand Cherokee model you select, each has got designed to provide only the best performance on the road. The interior and exterior styling of the Grand Cherokee adds to its appeal. The engines provide you with enough power to perform well in both on-road and off-road conditions.

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