What Are The Main Problems With Dodge Journey?

What Are The Main Problems With Dodge Journey?

 ·  February 7, 2022

If you're looking to drive an SUV that offers more than just plenty of interior passenger space there are several options. The mid-sized crossover SUV Dodge Journey is one of them. This popular SUV has a plethora of interior options that can provide your family with the comfort they deserve. When it comes to the attributes of style and performance, Dodge knows how to strike the perfect balance. It is a roomy vehicle with lots of internal passenger space as well as plenty of baggage capacity.

The Dodge Journey boasts a three-zone climate control system that incorporates cutting-edge technology. With the SUV, everyone gets the ability to customize the climate to their preferences on its efficient climate control system. The front seats are also heated, which will appeal to drivers. Despite the numerous issues that plagued the lineup, the Dodge Journey sold in the thousands each year. However, the company decided to discontinue its production after the 2020 model. So in this blog, we are going to talk about what are the main problems with the dodge journey. In addition to it, we’ll also let you know about an ideal place that'll help you get rid of them. Keep scrolling!

Problems one faces with the dodge journey

It is recommended to do probing before buying a car because it is a significant purchase. Don't worry; we've already done the spadework for you. The Dodge Journey issues could be a deal-breaker, so read everything before making a decision.

Ignition problem

Many consumers stated that the engine would not start randomly on the Dodge Journey. As though the battery was dead, the engine emits a slight click. Some owners also found that starting the vehicle in neutral with the brakes pressed solved the problem. But if the vehicle started after that, there was a problem with the shifter cable or transmission range. 

If difficulties like this arise, always check your battery first, as an old or damaged battery can cause a variety of serious electrical issues. It's also recommended to inspect the control wire termination near the starter because it could be corroded or loose.


Some common complaints about the dodge journey included premature rotor and brake wear callipers locking automatically while in use. Additionally, there were problems like missing bracket hardware, noisy brakes, and the brake pedal remains depressed after use. Also, the ABS light would remain illuminated, the brakes would become jammed, and in some cases, the brake brackets even snapped.

This is because the brake calipers might seize and overheat if they aren't serviced at least once a year. The only method to fix this problem is to replace all of the brakes, including the rotors and pads and the machined rotors.

Safety terms

The Dodge Journey does not meet modern safety standards. The NHTSA rates the Journey four out of five ratings overall, which seems reasonable at first glance. The catch here is that nearly all of the Journey's competitors receive five stars. The IIHS is also concerned about its frontal crash test results, classifying the small front overlap test on the driver's side as "Poor" and the halogen headlamps as "Poor" as well.

Worse, Dodge has never bothered to equip the Journey with active safety features like automatic emergency braking. It has only added rear parking sensors to the list of standard amenities.

Electrical problems

Multiple electrical failures, car not turning over, engine not starting, electrical system shutting down while the car is being driven are all Journey's electrical system problems. Furthermore, the most common complaints are power locks, ignition recall, and the wireless ignition node module malfunctioning.

According to users the car has a mind of its own, as it occasionally starts great and then goes dead. Moreover, the horn immediately turns off, and the neutral safety switch is disconnected.

Coolant leakage

There have also been reports of coolant leaks from the Y-split portion of the heater hose assembly, a damaged coolant reservoir, and other sources. A heater hose assembly can cost a lot to replace because a shortage of coolant might cause the engine to overheat. Naturally, it's critical to diagnose, so you should get it checked by a professional as soon as possible.

Failed blend door actuator

The A/C or heater may only work on one side if the Blend door actuator for the HVAC system fails. It can also make a clicking sound beneath the dash. The part isn't pricey, but it's hidden behind the dashboard. In many autos, this part is prone to failure.

Transmission problem

The transmission and all of the components that make this SUV go are found in the powertrain. 

Shifting delays, leaping or grinding during acceleration, whistling noises, and a burning smell emanating from under the hood are all symptoms of transmission problems.

Additionally, when the car comes to a destination or makes a turn if it turns off, it is also one of its symptoms. When something like this goes wrong, driving becomes a headache. If you ignore Dodge Journey transmission problems, you could lose fuel efficiency or find yourself unable to drive your Journey at all.

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