What are the different types of lift kits for Jeeps?

What are the different types of lift kits for Jeeps?

 ·  August 5, 2023

Owning automobiles has become vital in today's world. These days, everyone is excited to go on adventures and travel the unnamed roads with comfort. However, every luxury car does not provide comfort along with adventure. When it comes to off-road adventures and conquering rugged terrains, having the right Jeep with the right lift kit can lead to all the difference. 

Lift kits are the essential element that turns your ordinary four-wheeled vehicle unto an off-road beast. Whenever you are planning to take your Jeep on a wild ride to new heights, life kits prove to be a popular modification that elevates the vehicle's ride height. This allows for larger tires, improved ground clearance, and enhanced off-road capabilities. 

Furthermore, with a lift kit, your Jeep gains the confidence to face any obstacle that comes its way. There are different types of lift kits available for jeeps. The exquisite features and benefits help you go on a quest for excitement and make informed decisions for your off-road journey. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your Jeep. Worry not; you easily purchase genuine lift kits from Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers if you are wondering what are the different types of lift kits for jeeps? Keep reading. 

What are the different types of lift kits for Jeeps?

For jeep enthusiasts, an attractive off-road adventure is irresistible. Whatever the type of terrain, whether rocky, muddy, or steep inclines, a jeep is the best companion for the adventure seeker. But to actually utilise the full potential of your Jeep, you need the right lift kit. Lift kits are divided into four categories. Keep reading to know more.

Body lift

For jeepers who seek to get their vehicle higher in the least expensive way possible, many choose a body lift kit. These kits are useful to enhance the aesthetics and tire clearance without going deep into full modification. You can raise your Jeep to a few inches by using spacers or blockers. While these kits do not provide the performance benefit of a suspension lift, they surely are a cost-effective way to add some charm to your Jeep's appearance. They are a perfect balance between style and functionality.

Spacer lift

Otherwise known as "the budget boost," spacer lift kits are suitable if you are about to begin your off-road adventure. With this kit, you will be able to raise your Jeep from 1 to 2 inches by adding spencers between the Jeep's suspension and the frame. You will notice an in-ground clearance after the application of the lift. Although the performance will be the same as before, the spacer lift kit offers a simple and easy installation process. Anyone who does DIY can easily perform the task. 

Short arm lift

Short arm lift kits aim at providing a boost in ground clearance and off-road capability. These kits bring a balance between on-road comfort and off-road prowess. This feature has made the short arm list a preferable option for both beginners and seasoned adventurers. Next time go on the journey with confidence and tackle rough trails like a pro. So, get ready to elevate your Jeep to new heights.

Long arm lift

When it comes to off-road excellence, long arm lift kits are a premium product. These kits have longer control arms that provide unmatched suspension travel and articulation. Whenever there is the toughest of terrains, these kits ensure a smoother ride. They help you handle challenging obstacles in the most efficient way. 

These kits are designed especially for seasonal off-roaders. Because they demand nothing but the best from their jeeps. Even though the professional installation demands a higher budget, the end result with enhanced performance proves worth spending some extra money on. 

How to choose the right lift kit for Jeep?

The biggest reason behind choosing a lift kit for your Jeep is the necessity to increase ground clearance and suspension travel and fit larger tires for off-roading. However, there are some important questions you must ask yourself before installing a lift kit. Below are some specifications mentioned to help you decide which lift kit is optimal for your Jeep. 

Off-road usage

Firstly, you must identify the type of terrain you will be tackling. Determine the extent of travelling because for mild off-roading, a spacer or coil spring may be enough. However, if you are willing to plan a serious expedition, you must consider a suspension or long arm lift kit to experience maximum performance.


The price scope varies from a few dollars for basic spacer lifts to a thousand dollars for premium suspension or long arm kits. Begin by researching and setting the budget per the best fit within your financial range.


Consider whether you are self-sufficient and have the skills to install the lift kit yourself or if you need some professional help. You may be surprised to know that some kits are easy to install, while some require additional help.

Tire Size

Decide on the size of tires you want to fit on your Jeep. Lift kits allow you to accommodate larger tires, but you'll need to match the lift height with the tire size to ensure proper clearance and avoid rubbing issues.

Warranty and legal implications

It will be beneficial if you check local laws and regulations before installing lift kits to avoid any complications. Keep in check how the lift kit's insurance coverage may be impacted by its warranty.

Why purchase lift kits for jeeps from Just Jeep Auto Wreckers?

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