Jeep Grand Cherokee Reliability and Common Problems

Jeep Grand Cherokee Reliability and Common Problems

 ·  May 9, 2022

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is Australia's most popular midsize SUV. It offers superior off-road performance and has a good resale value. Even though it is a good vehicle, you must be aware of this SUV's reliability and other common problems to make an informed choice.

The most common Jeep Grand Cherokee reliability and common problems include:

Engine Stalls 

The Grand Cherokee suffers from engine stalls that get caused due to a faulty fuel pump relay. The fuel pump relay is part of TIPM (totally integrated power module).

TIPM is the electrical command centre that helps operate the fuel pump, headlights, door and window locks, radio, etc. If the power module doesn't work efficiently, it can cause the engine to stall or stop working altogether. The engine might also stop while driving. The power windows and thermostat will not work correctly.

The engine stalling problem has also got linked to a defective nine-speed transmission. Many drivers have experienced this problem when driving their Jeep. It would be best if you replaced the faulty fuel pump relay and the wire harness to avoid road accidents.

Unstable Electronic Shifting 

The transmission shift problem will cause the Jeep to get struck when shifting gears. The malfunction happens due to a loose electrical connection. The other reason for the problem is the bad design of the gear shift. 

The big issue with the erratic electronic shifting is that the vehicle moves even after the driver has exited, which can cause significant problems for everyone on the road.

Failed Alternator 

The failed alternator can cause fires when the Jeep gets driven. Most owners complain of burnt odours, smoke, and noise from under the hood. It is a crucial issue that you shouldn't ignore.

An alternator that isn't efficient is a significant safety risk. The driver or passengers won't detect the fire or smoke inside the cabin. The fire or smoke can suddenly cause the Jeep to stall on the road, resulting in accidents. 

If the alternator fails, the electrical system can suddenly lose power. The crucial vehicle systems will get forced to shut down. The central body controller, electronic control module, electronic stability control system, and anti-lock brake systems might shut down when the alternator fails.

Ignition Switch Malfunctions 

The ignition switch gets switched off at the slightest accidental touch by the driver, resulting in the running Jeep stopping suddenly. When the ignition switch doesn't work correctly, it can affect the functioning of the power braking, steering, and airbags features.

Transmission Problems 

If your Jeep has a transmission problem, the vehicle might suffer from poor throttle response, struck gears, and delayed downshifting. The Jeep might start shifting gears unexpectedly, affecting your driving experience.

The struck transmission clutch might result in the transmission shifting to neutral, compromising your safety and others on the road. Improper calibration of the transmission is often the cause of the problem.

Backup Sensor Alarm Malfunction

The backup sensor alarm starts beeping suddenly and doesn't stop until the engine gets turned off. It is best to determine the cause of the malfunction and get it fixed immediately.

Malfunctioning Electric Liftgate 

If the liftgate doesn't work efficiently, it can be a safety risk. When the electric liftgate doesn't function properly, it might fail to latch or make a noise when operating the feature. Apart from this, it will also drain the Jeep's battery. The electric latch needs to get replaced to fix this annoying problem.

Warped Front Brake Rotors

One of the problems that the Jeep Grand Cherokee drivers face is extreme vibration when braking. Warped front brake rotors are often the cause of this common problem. Any issues with brakes should get fixed as they can affect your safety. 

Excessive heat in Australia might result in the front brake rotors losing their original shape. If the brake rotors get deformed, then the brake pedal and the steering wheel will shake when you try to stop your Jeep.

Window Regulator Failure 

If the window regulator doesn't function correctly, the power windows will not open and close. The windows might fall into the door, especially when driving at high speeds.

Leather Dashboard Wrinkles 

The leather dashboard will make the interiors of your Jeep look awesome. When you drive 45,000 – 60,000 miles, the leather dashboard starts looking old and wrinkled. The dashboard's warps, peeling, and wrinkles will make your Jeep look old.

Death Wobble 

When the front axle doesn't function properly, it can cause the Jeep to wobble or shake, making it difficult to control the vehicle. The wobbling or shake gets caused due to a misalignment of the front axle. The other areas of the suspension system, including the body and the tires, can also cause the problem. Apart from this, if the ball joints get worn out, the wheels will not move properly, making driving dangerous. You can fix the problem by replacing auto parts that are damaged or worn out.

Air Bags Don't Function 

The airbags deploy partially or don't function, which is a severe safety issue. If the airbags don't deploy, it can cause injuries to the driver and passengers. It is hazardous if there is a head-on collision.

Sunroof Exploding 

Some Jeep owners have reported issues with the sunroof. The sunroof might explode in some cases due to extreme weather conditions. It can affect the safety of the driver and passengers. The reliability and common problems can be found across many Jeeps Grand Cherokee models. When the vehicle owner gains awareness of the different issues of the Jeep, you can make an informed choice.

You must be aware of the common problems of your Jeep Grand Cherokee so that you can get them fixed. Just Jeep Auto Wreckers has genuine auto parts and accessories you can use to fix the problems so that your vehicle works efficiently for many years. The Grand Cherokee is the best SUV available. It is a good option if you want comfort. You can keep your Jeep in top condition with regular maintenance and repairs. You can order aftermarket auto parts and accessories from us so that you save money and time.

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