Jeep Compass AC Is Not Working (Why and How to Fix)

Jeep Compass AC Is Not Working (Why and How to Fix)

 ·  August 21, 2023

The cool air from your car’s AC system is a blessing, especially in hot temperatures. However, imagine the frustration of stepping into your Jeep Compass only to find that the air conditioner is not working. This inconvenience can turn the entire journey uncomfortable. Especially during sweating days, your ride can become an unpleasant ordeal.

There are various reasons to hinder the working of an AC. However, the most common ones are dirty cabin air filters, clogged condensers, defective compressors, etc. You must have a thorough knowledge of the working of the air conditioner to be able to identify the fault in it. 

Instead of jumping into the working of an AC, this article will delve into the common reasons behind Jeep Compass AC malfunctions. You will also learn about various ways that can be helpful in identifying the reason for disruption. By the end of the article, you can tell why the Jeep Compass AC is not working and how to fix it. 

What are the components of Jeep Compass AC?

Before troubleshooting the glitch in AC, first, you must gain knowledge regarding the various components of the AC system. Most AC systems have a compressor, evaporator, condenser, etc. Read further to know about the components of the Jeep Compass AC system.


A compressor is the power unit of the air conditioning system. It is responsible for circulating refrigerant through the system under high pressure. This is vital for cooling the Jeep cabin.


The condenser dissipates heat from the refrigerant, allowing it to turn from high-pressure gas to a high-pressure liquid. You must remember that this transformation is necessary for the overall cooling of air. 


Although every component is important, the evaporator determines the air temperature inside your Jeep Compass. The main role of the evaporator in the Jeep Compass AC system is to absorb heat from inside the Jeep, allowing the refrigerant to evaporate and cool the air.

Expansion valve

Jeep Compass’s expansion valve receives the filtered refrigerant fluid and reduces its pressure before it enters the evaporator. This decrease in pressure cools the fluid, and it is sprayed into the evaporator. Overall it can be said that the expansion valve regulates refrigerant flow into the evaporator.

Blower motor

In the Jeep Compass, the blower motor pushes the cooled air from the evaporator through the vents and into the Jeep cabin.

Why is the Jeep Compass AC not working?

After knowing about the essential components of your Jeep Compass air condition system, it is vital to know about the reasons that might be responsible for causing any damage to them. This information can allow you to identify the malfunction in advance and let you fix the problem quickly. 

Read further to know the reasons for the defective AC system in your Jeep.

Refrigerant leaks

Refrigerant fluid is responsible for changing low-pressure gas to a high-pressure liquid, thus bringing cool air to your Jeep cabin. 

A leak in refrigerant liquid is one of the most common AC issues. This leak can be due to damaged components, like seals, hoses or the evaporator core. Low levels of this fluid can cause insufficient cooling.

Electrical issues

A fault in the electric system can cause the AC to malfunction. There might be a circuit break due to any issue in the fuse box. Another reason could be damage to the wires or electrical connections.

Failed compressor

There are various reasons for your Jeep Compass AC compressor to fail. One such issue is electrical issues, mechanical wear and tear or due to damaged clutch. This can lead to warm air blowing through the vents.

Clogged condenser or evaporator

Another reason for any damage to the AC system is the collected dirt or mould. This dirt or mould can accumulate in the condenser or evaporator, causing cooling efficiency. 

Blower motor issue

A damaged blower motor can disrupt the flow of air around the Jeep cabin. This can cause inadequate cooling. 

Pressure switch

With this component, you can regulate the AC’s operations. In case there is any malfunctioning in the pressure switch, otherwise known as a faulty thermostat, it can lead to improper cooling.

How to fix the Jeep Compass AC?

If you are familiar with the Jeep Compass AC working, fixing any damage will not take much time. You must be aware of the parts that require change in case the AC has gone rogue. Below are a few practices that can help you fix the damage.

Start by checking the refrigerant levels because insufficient refrigerant can cause poor cooling. If you have noticed any leak in the refrigerant, try to fix it quickly to get the AC running again. After this, check the compressor clutch and determine whether it engages properly when turning on the AC. If not, then replace it. 

Next, move on to examining electrical connections. Check whether the circuits are loose or damaged. In case it is insecure, fix all the relevant connections for proper AC working. If the AC is still not working, check the condenser and see if it is clean. A dirty condenser can obstruct the airflow and prevent cooling the Jeep cabin. Therefore, it is a must to regularly clean the condenser.

Another component to pay attention to is the blower motor. If there is any delay in the airflow pressure, the blower motor might be at fault. Check it and replace it if there is any need. Then you must fix the pressure switch or thermostat. If there is any malfunctioning in these components, replace them.

Why hire Just Jeep Auto Wreckers when Jeep Compass AC is not working?

A malfunctioning AC system can turn a thrilling drive into a nightmare. You must be wondering where to get the service for all the components of the AC system when Jeep Compass AC is not working. 

Just Jeep Auto Wreckers is one of the most genuine places to hire professionals to fix faulty air conditioner components. You can visit the nearest store, and our Just Jeep crew will meet all your requirements in one location. The skilled team specialise in Jeeps and their various parts. While hiring Just Jeep for the service, check the affordability and durability. 

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