How to Trim Floor Mats for Jeep

How to Trim Floor Mats for Jeep

 ·  August 5, 2021

The Jeep carpet enhances the interior look of your vehicle. With time the carpet may get dirty and worn out. The rug gets dirty fast, especially if you have kids or pets at home. If you want to maintain the look of your vehicle carpet, you will need floor mats.

The trim to fit floor mats for Jeep get made to fit any model and make of vehicle. The unique features and shape of the floor mats. A thermoplastic elastomer is an advanced rubber compound, and the floor mats get manufactured using this material.

The latex-free material is odorless. Lead, cadmium, or other harmful PVC compounds get found in this material. It makes the material 100% recyclable. Even in extreme temperatures, the material will stay flexible. The shape of the trim floor mats helps deliver good coverage for the rear and front driver and passenger seats.

The other unique features of this mat include a tall reservoir and outer ridge that helps in trapping debris and fluids from the Jeep flooring. If the floor mat you bought doesn't fit, all you need to do is trim it to fit the vehicle.

Why Do You Need Trim Floor Mats for Jeep?

The Jeep carpet undergoes a lot of wear and tear. If you use the Jeep daily, you will have to deal with spills, mud, dust, and other debris. All of these things will spoil your vehicle's carpet within no time. 

Good quality floor mats will help protect the floor carpet from damage. It will help add value to your Jeep. The mats are available in different designs and fits, and you can choose as per the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

Different Types of Floor Mats

Floor mats are available in different styles, types, and fits. You must be aware of the different types so that you can choose as per your budget.

Rubber Floor Mat

Rubber mats are the most durable floor mats for your vehicle. The high-quality rubber material also makes it long-lasting. Rubber mats don't slip, and this makes them safe. The textured surface of the carpet enables it to retain moisture.The mats are easy to maintain. Rubber mats help protect against mud, dirt, and liquids. Wash with water, and the carpets will get as good as new.

Fabric Mats 

If you are on a budget, you can choose fabric mats for your vehicle. The fabric mats have rubber at the back, and this prevents them from slipping. The fabric mats are available in different designs and colors.

Fabric mats get available in universal sizes, and this means they will easily fit your vehicle. You can remove and clean them daily, or you can choose to clean them weekly.

Curly or Nomad Mats 

Nomad mats get available in different colors and fits. The best aspect about these mats is that they trap water, grime, and mud. It ensures that the vehicle's floor carpet doesn't get dirty. Compared to other rugs, you can clean them once a month.

The curls soak up the dirt and mud and ensure that they don't touch your feet. These mats get available in different price ranges depending on the quality and size of the floor mat.

3D Floor Mats 

3D floor mats are among the most expensive floor mats available in the market. You will find them in different shades, such as tan, beige, and black. It will help give your vehicle a premium finish.

Polymer material gets used to construct this floor mat. The material doesn't soak mud and dust, and you will have to get it cleaned regularly. With regular cleaning and maintenance, the floor mat will last along. The anti-skid features of this mat ensure that it doesn't slip and holds on to the vehicle's carpet.

Vinyl Floor Mats 

The vinyl material all-weather floor mats make it durable and long-lasting. The upturned edges of the mat ensure that spilled liquid doesn't get onto the floor of the carpet. The spikes at the back of the floor mats ensure that it doesn't slip.

Features You Need to Look for in Floor Mats

Rims and Ridges 

One of the features you need to pay attention to when buying floor mats is rims and ridges. You need to ensure that the edges and ridges are high throughout the surface of the floor mat. You will be able to keep the carpet of the vehicle clean at all times when you install these floor mats.

The high ridges and grooves help keep the water away from your feet and the backside of the pedals. It will help prevent spillages, mud, and dust from reaching the surface of the vehicle floor.


The thickness is another feature that you need to focus on when buying them. A thick floor mat will feel more comfortable and will absorb more mud and dust. The extra thickness will also prevent liquids spills from reaching the carpet of your vehicle.

Bottom of the Floor Mat

Most people ignore the bottom of the floor mat. If the bottom of the floor mat is not sturdy, it will slip, which can be risky to the driver and passengers. You should always ensure that the bottom of the floor mat has a locking system so that you can drive safely.

Benefits of Floor Mats

Keep the Vehicle Interiors Clean 

If the interiors of your vehicle are clean, it adds value to your Jeep. Floor mats will help keep them clean and free from dust and mud.

Ensures Safety 

The floor mats soak any spillage, and this helps prevent slipping. If there is water on the vehicle's floor, it can lead to accidents. 

Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers has different types of trim floor mats available. You can browse the online inventory so that you can choose the best in quality and value. Shop for the floor mats within your budget, enabling you to save time and money.

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