Difference Between Jeep JK and Jeep JL?

Difference Between Jeep JK and Jeep JL?

 ·  March 10, 2023

Jeep JK and Jeep JL look similar, but the two have many differences. JK is the older edition of the Jeep Wrangler, whereas JL is the newer version. It is best to learn about the differences between the two Jeeps to make an informed choice. 

Let’s examine some critical differences between the Jeep JK and Jeep JL.


One of the things you notice quite prominently about the Jeep is its exterior. Even though the exteriors of both JK and JL look similar, you will find many differences if you look closely. 

The grille designs are the first distinct features where you see the difference. JL has an updated grille in comparison to the grille of JK. The seven-slot grille gives the Jeep a distinctive look. The other exterior features incorporated into the new JL Jeep include daytime LED running lights and front fenders with turn signals. You will find vents behind each front fender, which helps reduce wind noise and allows free air circulation. 

The body-on-frame construction of the JK is all steel, whereas the JL uses lightweight aluminium for the door and other non-structural components of the vehicle. The rear license plate on the body of the Jeep earlier has now been moved to the bumper. Instead of push buttons, you will find push handles. The tops and doors on both models can get removed. 

The wheel wells and fender flares are other distinct features where you will notice a change. A larger tire will easily fit the JL, whereas JK wouldn’t accommodate a giant tire. The fender flares provide higher clearance too. 

The length of the four-door models of the JL increased by four inches and that of the two-door models by two inches. The longer dimensions of the vehicle provide better passenger comfort and additional interior space.


The interiors of the JL also have several changes made to them. Every detail of the interiors has been changed or upgraded in the new version of the Jeep. The displays and dash have got modernised. The steering wheel has been upgraded compared to the JK, which helps provide a better feel and control. 

The shift levers’ ergonomics have significantly improved. Digital controls can now get easily accessed and controlled. It makes driving on any terrain such a pleasure. The auxiliary switches are built for the JL, making connecting to air compressors, lighting solutions, and other gadgets easy. For the JK, you will need to install these switches separately, and you will have to drill to mount them. 

You will find rubber around the infotainment area, rubber cup holders and cubicles on the JL, which makes cleaning easy. You will find rear air vents for dual climate control on the JL Jeep. The push button start is another new edition of the JL. If you push a button to start the Jeep, you are driving a new edition, whereas if you use a key to start your Jeep, it is the JK version. 

A backup camera is another feature that new versions of vehicles have included in all their models. The JL has a backup camera on the spare tire, giving you a new outlook. 

Engines and Transmission 

The Jeep JK has an updated version of the Pentastar V6 engine, and the JL has three engine options. The three engine options include 3.6L Pentastar V6, 2.0L Turbocharged 14, and 3.0L EcoDiesel V6. 

The 3.6L Pentastar V6 has significantly improved with the Engine Stop and Stop (ESS) technology. The 2.0L Turbocharged 14 has impressive features, which include transmission shift management, regenerative braking, intelligent battery charging, electric power assist, and Engine Stop and Stop (ESS) technology. The 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 offers excellent fuel economy and reasonable amounts of torque. The other capabilities of this engine include Engine Stop and Stop (ESS) technology and eight-speed automatic transmission for high torque output. 

The upgraded six-speed manual transmission is available only for the Pentastar V6 engine. You can opt for the eight-speed automatic transmission if you want to. 

The other two engines come equipped with the standard eight-speed automatic transmission. Both the JL and JK have a four-link plus track bar suspension design in the rear and front and solid axles. 

It is often difficult to decide which is better as both vehicle models are capable of high performance. It would be best if you chose what you want from your vehicle. JL is a good choice for off-road adventures, whereas the JK drives best on city roads.  

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