Buy Jeep Wrangler LED Tailgate Light Bars in Australia

Buy Jeep Wrangler LED Tailgate Light Bars in Australia

 ·  June 6, 2022

The Jeep Wrangler tailgate light bars get made from LED strips. The light bars assist in brake, turn signal, and running functions. Apart from increased visibility on the road, the lights also help signal other drivers. You should avoid driving without a tailgate light as it can affect your safety. LED lights and accessories enhance the appearance of your Jeep. The LED lights can get fixed in the tailgate and rear bumper too.

Many things need to get considered before choosing the best-LED tailgate light bars in Australia.


You should ensure that you choose the correct length of tailgate light bars for your Jeep Wrangler model. You can choose from 48 inches and 60 inches for your Jeep. It will ensure that the LED light bars fit the vehicle properly.


Brightness is crucial when choosing LED tailgate light bars. The brightness of the light bars will depend on the quantity and quality of the LED bars. The tailgate light bar will be exceptionally bright if you choose a high-quality LED with reduced lumen depreciation.

Hardware Mounts and Adhesive Tapes 

Depending on your driving, you can select any installation method. Hardware mounts and adhesive tapes are the two most popular installation methods. The adhesive tapes are ideal if you drive your Jeep on city roads. If you drive your Wrangler on off-road trails, choosing hardware mounts for installation is best.


The tailgate light bar features include brake, turn signal, and running. There are also reverse features with triple row, one row and five-row light bars. Choosing light bars with the most features is always advisable to get value for money. 

Apart from red, white and amber colours, you can also choose green, orange, and purple colours for the light bars. These lights provide brighter illumination when you press the brake pedal.

The most popular LED tailgate light bars ordered by customers in Australia include:

LED Tailgate Light Bar 

You can choose an LED tailgate light bar to give your Jeep Wrangler an eye-catching look. Apart from improving the look of your vehicle, you can drive safe when you upgrade the lighting. The lightbars are available in 48 and 60-inch lengths. The lights are sturdy and waterproof, ensuring that the lighting fixtures will last even in extreme weather conditions.

The light bars come with everything you need for easy installation. The bright LEDs get activated when you turn signals, press the brake or reverse. It will enable you to drive safe day and night. You can rely on the lighting to operate efficiently in all seasons and climates.

The turn signals on the light bar don't only illuminate the road but will light up sequentially, and this will help grab the attention of drivers behind you. The bright illumination will enable you to see clearly at night, and other drivers will become aware of your intention to stop or turn your vehicle.

Tailgate Lightbar Four Pin Decoder

The four-pin decoder enables you to plug in the tailgate light bar effortlessly. The auto accessory gets made of high-quality materials and will last long. The Jeep accessory gets covered with a warranty and will perform reliably for years.

Four Pin Connector Adapter 

The four-pin connector adapter is a valuable tailgate light bar accessory. It enables you to connect the light bar seamlessly and have an additional connection for the towing equipment. The adapter gets designed using state of the art technology, which ensures it works efficiently at all times. The premium material construction of the auto accessory helps it last longer.

Mini LED Tailgate Light Bar 

The well-balanced design and craftmanship make the mini-LED tailgate light bar a popular auto accessory. The powerful and compact LED lights fit between the bumper and tailgate effortlessly. The auto accessory is an excellent functional addition to your Jeep. The different functions of the light bar include right and left signals, brake lights, and running lights. All wiring and necessary hardware get provided when you order the mini light bar.

Triple Row LED Tailgate Light Bar 

The different illumination functions of the triple row LED tailgate light bar includes turn signal lights, reverse, marker, and brake. Avoid buying cheap tailgate lights as they won't last long.

The lighting accessory gets made from high-quality materials that guarantee reliable operations for many years. The triple row light bar contains red, amber, and white diodes. The white diodes function when you reverse your Jeep; the red diodes are for brake and running, and amber functions sequentially for right and left turn signals. The light bars are dust and waterproof, enabling them to function even in extreme environments.

60" Double Row LED Tailgate Light Bar 

You can invest in the 60" double row LED tailgate light bar if you want to add style and functionality to your Jeep Wrangler. You can install the tailgate light bar using adhesive tapes and screws, and brackets. Drilling isn't required to complete the installation. 

The double row light bar will help illuminate better and enable you to avoid accidents. The waterproof materials ensure that the lighting accessories last long.

Signal Module for Tailgate Light 

The signal module for the tailgate light helps in eliminating any error codes and ensures that the light bars function efficiently. Plugin the module, and it will start working. The installation process takes just minutes to complete. The auto accessory has got specifically designed to provide consistent performance. High-quality materials get used to manufacture the Jeep lighting accessory, enabling it to work in any terrain.

Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers offers a range of flexible and rigid tailgate light bars with various features in different sizes. You can choose the auto parts you want if you know the model of your vehicle.

You can get the right auto parts and accessories when you shop with us, no matter the vehicle you drive. You can choose any Jeep parts and accessories online, and we will ship them to you anywhere in Australia. If you cannot find any auto parts and accessories, you can seek our assistance.

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