Buy Jeep Wrangler JK Tyre Carriers in Australia

Buy Jeep Wrangler JK Tyre Carriers in Australia

 ·  October 15, 2021

If you love going on off-roading trips, you know the importance of carrying a spare tyre. Most often, you don't have space to take the tyres inside the Jeep, and JK tyre carriers help optimize the storage capabilities of your vehicle. There are different types of tyre carriers available, and gaining knowledge about them will help you make an informed choice.

Tyre Carrier with Mount

The heavy-duty tyre carrier with a mount helps in reinforcing the tailgate. It gets designed so that the weight of the spare tyre gets evenly distributed across the tailgate. It will help reduce metal fatigue that gets often caused by large tyres. The tyre carrier will also not affect the daily functioning of the tailgate. The direct bolt-on installation process makes it easy to install the JK tyre carrier. No fabrication, drilling, or cutting is required to complete the installation.

Tyre Carrier for OEM Tail Gate

You can opt for this tyre carrier if you have a JK Jeep equipped with the OEM tailgate. The weight of the tyre gets distributed, and this reduces stress on the mounting points. The heavy-duty steel tubing construction ensures rigidity and superior strength. All you need are essential hand tools to complete the installation process. The high-grade black powder coating makes the carrier corrosion resistant.

Rear Tyre Carrier

The heavy-duty construction of the rear tyre carrier will help secure the most oversized spare tyres with ease. The adjustable mounting positions of the carrier make it easy to accommodate any size of the tyre. The thick steel plating construction offers superior strength to the tyre carrier. Epoxy pre-coating and textured black powder make it strong and long-lasting.

Hinged Carrier with Adjustable Tyre Mount

The adjustable tyre mount makes it easy to spread the weight of the tyre over a larger area. It helps prevent fatigue of the hinges, and this makes the tyre carrier and the tailgate long-lasting. The hinged carrier gets constructed using high-grade aluminium, which helps maintain a low weight and provides durability. The steel brackets get forged, and this reinforces the hinges of the Jeep. The black coat finish protects against rust.

Off-Road Tyre Carrier

The off-road tyre carrier will help give your JK Jeep a functional and rugged look. The carrier gets constructed using durable steel, and this helps withstand the elements. The black coated powder helps resist corrosion and rust. Off-road tyres are large, and you need an excellent carrier to withstand the extra weight. The weight of the tyre gets distributed so that it doesn't put pressure on the hinges.

Aluminum Hinged Tyre Carrier

The aluminium material makes the tyre carrier lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The load and weight get spread across all the hinges, and this ensures durability. The hinged brackets get forged with steel, and this makes the carrier extremely strong. 

The finish and fit of the carrier make it easy to install. The hinges ensure that the carrier is secure and there is no rattle noise even when you drive in challenging off-road conditions.

Heavy-Duty Oversize Tire Carrier

The robust aluminium construction of the oversized tyre carrier helps in eliminating tailgate stress. The tyre mount can get adjusted to fit even the most oversized tyres. The load-carrying capacity of the carrier also increases. You don't require drilling to complete the installation process. The factory finish helps avoid rust and corrosion.

Before you start buying a tyre carrier, there are several factors that you need to consider.


Even though most tyre carriers will fit a JK Wrangler, it is best to choose one specific to the model and make of JK Jeep you own. There are different types of JK Jeep models in the market, and these models have other specifications. It is best to gain knowledge about the tyre size so that it fits properly in the carrier. Most Jeep drivers who go on off-roading trips prefer larger wheels, and it would help if you bought a carrier that will accommodate the large wheels. The JK Jeep has undergone many changes over the years, and the carrier you choose should adapt to the changes and fit in properly. If the fit is not proper, it can cause a lot of problems.


Check the material of the tyre carrier as it will ensure durability. As you will use the carrier in extreme weather and driving conditions, you should ensure that the material is of good quality. If the material is good, the carrier will not wobble or shake even after many years. It is best to choose materials such as steel or aluminium as they are durable. As carriers made from high-quality steel and aluminium last long, you will save money.


If you want the tyre carrier to fit appropriately, you need to check the angle, height, and in and out adjustments. It will help you mount the tyres properly on the carrier. Apart from durability and compatibility, you must pay attention to the adjustments features of the carrier so that it fits in the right place.

Most carriers come with additional mounts, and you can use them to mount other things like jacks, fuel cans, and other things. The extra weight of the carrier will not slow down the performance of your JK Jeep. As you can adjust the mount, you can fit any size of wheel on the carrier. Make a few adjustments, and you can accommodate any wheel. Most often, you can do a maximum wheel size of 37 inches.


The installation process should not get complicated. Most often, it is pretty easy to install a tyre carrier. You can always check the installation manual of the tyre carrier so that you can install it easily.

Brand and Price

Many reputed manufacturers make quality tyre carriers. The price varies depending on the quality, and you can choose based on your budget and individual preference. Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers has different types of JK tyre carriers for various models and make of the Jeep. All Jeep parts and accessories sold get covered with a warranty. We offer the best customer service to all our customers in Australia.

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