Buy Jeep Wheel Lug Nuts In Australia

Buy Jeep Wheel Lug Nuts In Australia

 ·  August 14, 2021

Lugnuts may seem like small parts with little importance at first glance, but their function is vital for keeping everything safe while offroading. They must withstand tough conditions just like every other important component or piece. 

You know, when it comes time for an adventure drive through some new territory, a rugged Jeep with their jacked-up suspension might just do the trick. But one part needs toughness as much as anything else, which is wheel bolts or, more commonly called lugs (for short). With all this offroad driving, there is no way we can afford our tires coming loose so that these heavy-duty jeep tire screws will keep them tightly in place.

Furthermore, the lug nuts are the fasteners that keep your vehicle's wheels in place. With a broad variety of types and sizes, they're essential for any Jeep owner to know how they work with their particular model. Changing tires requires different bolts or screws but be sure you're using the correct type because stripping or damaging them can make removing your wheel difficult. This article will discuss different wheel lug nuts and where you can buy jeep wheel lug nuts in Australia. To know more about lug nuts, keep on reading!

Various Types Of Jeep Wheel Lug Nuts

There are different types of lug nuts, each with its own specific use. Let's take a look at them so that you'll know what to look out for. 

Conical Lug Nuts

Conical lug nuts are the most popular type of all. They're commonly seen in many different vehicles, and their cone-shaped seats can recognize them for the lugs or acorn shape, which may also explain why people call them that too. Besides, these lug nuts are also referred to as tapered seat lug nuts and are the easiest to work with. 

As long as you have purchased the right size, these should be a breeze for anyone who needs them installed. For everything to work safely and efficiently, you need to secure the lug nuts right. Putting them on appropriately will ensure that your safety is intact. 

Mag Seat Lug Nuts

Mag seat lug nuts are an unusual type of lug nut, and they are a bit different. When you look at one, it should be easy to tell that there is something off about them right away. However, the good thing with these ones is that when installed correctly, they can allow you some convenient features like having extended threads which makes installing or removing more simple. 

Plus, being able to sit even in certain areas due to its flat washers, so if this sounds appealing, then you can give mag seat nuts a try. These lug nuts used to be made out of magnesium. Back in the day, mag seat referred to a word that meant magnesium. Flat seats were used on these lug nuts because they're cost-effective and easy for people who make them. Not only does this provide some relief while working with metal all day long, but they also offer more grip than their round counterparts.

Spherical Lug Nuts

Spherical lug nuts are a common sight when you're working on cars, but they have to be the right type. It's not always easy to identify spherical lug nuts by name because there are many different names. Once you know what kind of nut is best for your needs, it'll get more accessible and more straightforward.

Additionally, spherical lug nuts are pretty standard in the world of vehicle mechanics. They're not that difficult to use, so it's worth learning about them. They have a round top like an average sphere or ball which means they don't require any special tools for installation such as an impact wrench; this can also save some time. 

Flat Seat Lug Nuts

Flat seat lug nuts are a relatively common type of lug nut that you might confront at some point. They differ substantially from the other mentioned types due to sitting on a flat surface rather than having any curves in their design. These kinds of bolts will lay completely flat against whatever they've been installed onto, making them harder for people who don't have experience with these specialized nuts and bolts.

Therefore, a little knowledge is needed when it comes time to loosen or tighten one so as not to over-torque this bolt which can damage whatever it's attached to. Besides, many people find it challenging to work with a flat seat lug nut, but that doesn't mean they can't be used. A mag-seat lug wrench is even easier because you get more power on the bolt and will have less trouble installing them.

Tuner Style Lug Nuts

Tuner style lug nuts are the different types with conical seats. Most tuners will need a unique key to make them stand out from other types you might buy, but that's not what makes these so great! These use an external wrench, and all come pre-packaged with their own keys for easy installation on your SUV vehicle. 

The key for your tuner will probably come with the lug night, but if not, then you can just buy it separately. Moreover, you will be able to identify keys quickly enough so that there is no need to worry about them. 

If you want to purchase a new wheel lug nut for your vehicle, consider authentic suppliers like Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers in Australia. Here you can get all the accessories or jeep parts you desire to install in your SUV vehicle. 

Why Choose Just Jeeps To Buy Jeep Wheel Lug Nuts In Australia?

With exceeding 30 years of knowledge in this industry, we know that you love our products because of the high-quality wheel lug nuts for your vehicle. We have been devoted to customer satisfaction as well, so don't worry about getting anything less than 100% from us. We are available both offline and online in Australia. Besides, we know that searching for a perfect jeep wheel lug nuts is a complicated process. 

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