Buy Jeep Rocker Panel Guards & Rock Sliders in Australia

Buy Jeep Rocker Panel Guards & Rock Sliders in Australia

 ·  February 24, 2022

The rockers are body panels on the Jeep, which are most vulnerable to damage. Rocker panel guards and rock sliders provide protection against rocks, trail debris, and tree branches, which can damage the vehicle's body. The rocker panels are those areas of the Jeep's body that are on the side of the vehicle. You will find them below the doors and between the wheel wells.

They are located low on the body and usually out of sight; they are the most neglected Jeep parts. Most Jeep owners don't pay attention to these vehicle parts and continue to drive even when these auto parts get damaged or worn out. The rocker panel location exposes them to gravel and stones. If the rocker panel drainage is not good, moisture accumulates on the panels after rain. The water can lead to rust.

If you are an off-roading enthusiast, the challenging terrains can also cause considerable damage to the rocker panels. If you ignore the damage and replace the worn-out Jeep part, it can result in costly repairs. Even though rocker panels aren't visible when you close your Jeep doors, they are a crucial part of the vehicle. When you open the vehicle's door, you can see the rocker panels near the front and rear tires.

The rocker panels help provide the support you need when getting in and out of your vehicle. You can choose panels that match the colour of your car. You can select rocker panel guards and rock sliders based on the model and make of your vehicle. 

Before you start shopping for these auto components, it is best to be aware of your vehicle's make and model. Avoid buying cheap quality auto parts as they will not last long and can cause considerable harm to your Jeep.

Rocker Panel Guards

To avoid structural damage to your Jeep, you need to invest in rocker panel guards. The auto part gets constructed using high-quality, high-gauge steel, and each piece is EDP coated. It makes them rust-resistant.

Rocker Panel Molding with Clips 

If you want to enhance the exterior of your Jeep, you can opt for rocker panel moulding with grip. The panel moulding gets available with clips, and this ensures easy installation. The moulding runs along the exterior of your Jeep, which is below the doors. You can order it for the driver or passenger side or both sides. You don't need any changes or special tools to complete the installation.

Rock Sliders Tri-Tube 2-Door

Rock sliders protect your Jeep in challenging conditions. The steel construction and powder-coated finish make it durable. The rock slider also gets used as a side step. You can enhance the off-road capability of your vehicle when you install the rock slider. Apart from improving the capabilities of your Jeep, the rugged appearance will help highlight its look and increase its value.

Rock Slider Side Step Pair 4-Door 

Climbing into your 4-door Jeep becomes easy after installing the rock slider sidestep. The perforated top plates of the side steps are durable and provide adequate space for you to board the vehicle. The high clearance design helps protect the rocker panels from damage. A rear kick out feature of the side steps enables you to overcome significant obstacles. The steps will help you reach any gear you had mounted on the Jeep roof. The side steps get constructed using heavy-duty steel gauge, which makes them durable. No drilling is required; you can bolt the rock slider side step to your vehicle.

Rocker Panel Rails 

The rocker panel rails will make your Jeep look perfect. Made with high-quality steel, you can replace the damaged rocker panels with these auto components. The accessory gets designed to suit your driving needs.

Rocker Panel Molding Seals 

The rocker panel moulding seals will help keep your vehicle in top condition. Using high-quality materials and innovative technology ensures sturdy construction, enabling it to withstand damage and wear and tear.

Rocker Panel Patches 

Rocker panel patches are small sections of the rocker panel. The patches are helpful when only a tiny section of the rocker panel gets corrupted, and you need to replace only that section.

End Caps 

End caps are pieces of auto components that help join the horizontal rocker panel section with the Jeep body. The end caps get positioned at the front or rear of the rocker panels depending on the model and make of your vehicle.

Dog Legs 

Dog-legs are reinforcement auto components that are L-shaped. The L-shaped reinforcement helps join the vehicle's quarter and horizontal rocker panels. You will find these parts on a four-door Jeep in the front of the rear-wheel opening and behind the rear door.

Door Rock Slider Kit 

The door rock slider kit gets constructed with high-quality aluminium. It makes the auto component lightweight and extremely strong. You will require some drilling and a few modifications to install the auto part to the Jeep.

Offroad Rock Slider Square Tube 

If you are an off-road enthusiast, the offroad rock slider square tube helps protect the underside of your vehicle. Challenging trails have a lot of rock and dust, and it can easily damage the structure of your Jeep. The auto component offers extra protection to the exterior of your vehicle. The Jeep part gets constructed using high-quality steel, making it durable and anti-corrosion.

The undercarriage and sides of the vehicle get protected when you install the rock slider. The bolt-on installation is simple and easy, and you don't require any modification to complete the installation process.

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