Buy Jeep Patriot Headlight Bracket in Australia

Buy Jeep Patriot Headlight Bracket in Australia

 ·  May 13, 2023

The Jeep Patriot was a desirable part of the company’s lineup, especially for fans of old-school off-roading machines. While other variants are similarly capable of going through rugged terrain, none possess the fusion of technology and ruggedness of the Jeep Patriot. Given that it was discontinued in 2018, it might be challenging for the owners to find replacement parts, more so for the body panels.

If you’re someone who loves to hit the dirt on the weekends, you know that an impact from an incline or a stray wild animal may damage the headlight bracket at the front bumper. Such cases are more familiar with SUVs with an aggressive look, like the Jeep Patriot. In this guide, we’ll cover why you should care about such parts and the best method to buy a Jeep Patriot headlight bracket in Australia.

A Brief History Of the Jeep Patriot

The Jeep Patriot came into existence as a direct challenge to the modern trend of comfort-focused SUVs and vans. Those were more in line with the suburban homemakers rather than genuine petrolheads who could test them to the limit. With a straighter stance and higher ground clearance, it can wade through the most adverse conditions in the Outback.

For long-time Jeep fans, the manufacturer was generous enough to include specific callbacks to the original Willys Jeep. The most prominent parts include the front fender and the stiff suspension, with the latter eventually leading to the car’s downfall. While it strengthened the floorboards, it made the ride uncomfortable, losing favour with most of the urban dwellers.

Over time, the company made the executive decision to manufacture a more road-friendly version that was more in line with most of its audience at the time. In 2015, the Compass was revealed, and the clock started ticking for the Patriot. The last model available for Australia was in 2018. You can still find a few new variants in used car lots, but Jeep no longer sells them fresh out of showrooms. Nevertheless, the decade-long run proved that Jeep still had the potential to make a robust all-terrain vehicle.

How Strong Is the Jeep Patriot’s Front End

The Jeep Patriot has a steel alloy front fender, which is strong enough to survive most impacts. Those who like to explore the wilderness could install a reinforced bar to make it stiffer. However, much like other vehicles in its class, the fender follows the design code for crumbling within in case of an accident. In certain conditions, that could result in the bracket absorbing most of the energy.

It’s a significant issue since the headlights within that bracket could disconnect the wiring or crack the lens, making them useless in the future. That problem is ten times as serious at nighttime. You can mistakenly run over pedestrians or stray animals in the dark. Other than a reinforcing bar, you could install a winch cable attachment or a more muscular fender. The Patriot’s design can work with most modifications, as the smooth lines from the side pillars can retain the flow without making the SUV look bulkier.

Common Jeep Patriot Headlight Issues

In addition to keeping the front end in place, you might also replace the headlight bracket to fix other issues with the Jeep Patriot. A few of the significant ones related to the headlight include the following.

  • When going through a deep enough water body, it could go through the bracket and short-circuit the wiring for the headlights. There are also recorded cases of the headlights getting wet in heavy rain or a hailstorm.
  • With the stiff suspension, the headlights could dislocate from the bracket when subjected to repeated impacts or strong enough vibrations. It was a common flaw with the pre-2015 variants, with some cars even having the headlights flying directly onto the road ahead.
  • Compromises with the insulation of the headlight wiring could result in moisture building up within the lenses. It could dim the headlights or cause the bulb fuse to go off due to a short circuit.

Customisation With Jeep Patriot’s Headlight Brackets

With the correct headlight brackets, you can eliminate all of the issues mentioned above. Furthermore, you can also customise it to add to the flair of the Patriot. A few common additions are described below.

  • Chrome-plate brackets add a unique shine to the Patriot’s front end. Not only does it look cool, but it prevents rusting of the more sensitive metal parts under the hood.

  • Custom-painted brackets add to the overall design of the Patriot. You can include colour and design schemes of your choice to make a statement instead of putting up with the dull appearance of the SUV.

  • Insulated brackets increase the Patriot’s ability to handle harsh weather. It also adds to the water-wading ability by providing better insulation than factory brackets.

How To Buy a Jeep Patriot Headlight Bracket in Australia

Given that the Jeep Patriot has been discontinued in Australia, you need to get creative on where you can buy a headlight bracket that fits your trim. Lucky for you, Just Jeeps has all the parts you need to keep your Jeep Patriot in mint condition. Thanks to our extensive collection of Jeep parts, we can assure you that it is a perfect fit for your Patriot, regardless of model year.

Check out our collection online or in person today. Once you connect with us, we can find the correct part and allow our team of experienced technicians to install it in no time. We serve most areas within Australia and even offer a pickup and drop facility for customers who don’t have time to wait around.

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