Buy Jeep Parts In Bundaberg

Buy Jeep Parts In Bundaberg

 ·  June 3, 2022

Jeep cars carry a specific style that you can’t get with any other vehicles in the class. Though they have their roots in the World War II era, they are still going strong as the most iconic SUVs globally. In the region of Queensland, you can come across dirt trails and sandy beaches alike. Here, Jeeps are the most fun way of getting about exploring the wilderness.

However, there can be a hiccup in cities like Bundy that don’t have Jeep parts readily available. That goes especially true for the variants that went out of production years ago. Throughout this piece, you’ll learn what to look for when you want to buy Jeep parts in Bundaberg and how professional outlets can help you with that.


Jeep interiors are more about function than form. Still, you might require a few parts for comfort and need accessories to spice things up. Some of the most popular ones include:

Upholstery and Interior Accents

To make things genuinely premium, you can opt for leather upholstery to make your Jeep interior look like something from a luxury car. Some Nappa leather around the seats and dashboard makes every commute much more bearable. But, this leather often has a dark texture. You can balance it with a few chrome accents around the floorboards and side panels.

Steering Wheel Covers

Jeep steering wheels have a coarse touch that ruins the driving experience after a while. To alleviate that, you can attach a new steering wheel cover. It will add some appeal to the driver’s side and improve the handling by increasing your grip on the steering.

Floor Mats

The adventures on your Jeep can be fun, but mud and dirt can quickly ruin the leg space. It is a pain to clean, so you are better off adding some floor mats for convenience. These are easy to remove and clean, leaving the rest of the passenger space spic and span. Your mates will also appreciate any custom designs or soft velvets should you choose those for your Jeep.


If you have a soft-top Jeep, you’ll want to need more than expansive windows to keep the Australian sunshine out. Adding some sunshades can reduce the need to turn on climate control. Moreover, it provides a safety measure for drivers who might have sun in their eyes.

Infotainment System

The default touchscreen and sound system on the Jeep are sub-par by today’s standards. Thankfully, you can swap them for a few aftermarket upgrades that can make connecting calls, navigation, and playing media a lot smoother. Speaking of media, there are 16-speaker and multi-tweeter alternatives to the factory sound system. It is a must-have if you like your tunes more than the Jeep’s roaring powertrain.


The original Jeep had an aggressive appeal. You could glance just once at the body and tell it was manufactured as per the soldiers’ needs. Thankfully, that degree of customisation is not lost with its modern iterations.

Winch and Tow Cable

When out on your escapades, the capabilities of your Jeep can leave you in precarious situations. A winch and tow cable can drag your Jeep up steep inclines and out of loose soil within minutes. You can also use the attachment to help out any fellow adventurers.

Decals and Emblems

There are not many factory options that you can use to stand out from the rest of the Jeep crowd. Although, you can do it with custom decals and emblems that convey your passion. These are pretty straightforward to install and don’t cost a fortune.

Running Boards

In order to retain their off-road capabilities, most Jeeps have a lot of ground clearance. However, this creates a problem for ingressing and egressing passengers. You can ease that by installing a couple of running boards below the doors. These are available in both metallic and plastic versions.

Cargo Racks

If you’re planning to explore the wilderness miles away from civilisation, packing in essential supplies in abundance is best. A couple of cargo racks on the roof and pillars can let you do just that. You can also add a few storage compartments if you don’t mind the extra width.


Your Jeep should remain in top shape to retain its breathtaking performance, whether on or off the road. That occurs when you have serviceable parts for the handling and power packages.

Air Filters

Your Jeep’s engine uses only a droplet of fuel against a lot of compressed air to run smoothly. Therefore, the correct air filters massively increase the performance of your SUV. They extend the life of your engine, keep it fuel-efficient, and deliver more power per unit volume of fuel.

Brake Pads

As outstanding as it is to feel the wind in your face, stopping your Jeep in time is just as crucial. Good quality brake pads enhance your car’s handling. With suitable ABS and EBD systems, they can also make your Jeep safer.

Shocker Springs

Your Jeep’s suspension is vital for conquering any rough terrain. It would be best to have quality shocker springs to absorb any impacts from drastic drops. Alongside the suspension, a few skid plates and reinforced roll bars can help keep things stable against rocky, sharp edges.


There are limits to the capabilities of an enormous engine that still carries design cues from the 1970s. But, turbochargers are a safe bet to increase power without sacrificing efficiency. They help enhance the performance by filtering the exhaust gases and feeding them back into the engine.

Why Choose Just Jeeps to Buy Jeep Parts in Bundaberg

The best way to gain the most out of your Jeep is to consult a professional. If you’re looking to buy Jeep parts in Bundaberg, you can utilise the services provided by Just Jeeps. They can cater to your SUV maintenance and modifications at your doorstep. You can also browse through their inventory by visiting any of the outlets or on the web. Even if they don’t have what you’re looking for, they can place an order and have it delivered as soon as possible.

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