Buy Jeep Grand Cherokee Blower Motor Resistor in Australia

Buy Jeep Grand Cherokee Blower Motor Resistor in Australia

 ·  November 1, 2021

A blower motor resistor is an electric component used to control the speed of your vehicle’s heater or air conditioning. As you adjust the knob on your air conditioner, the resistor tells the blower by sending electrical signals to increase or decrease the airflow. So essentially, the resistor controls how much power goes to the fan, which allows for control of airflow and speed. 

Now, if this electric system is interrupted, it’s possible that the problem lies with the blower motor resistor. It is constantly under pressure, so they are subject to wear, and you will eventually need to replace them. Replacing a faulty blower motor resistor will help ensure proper airflow within your vehicle. But how do you ascertain when is the right time to do so? You don’t need to worry. In this blog, we will cover the possible symptoms of a faulty blower motor resistor and where you can buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee blower motor resistor in Australia. 

Signs of a Bad or Failing Blower Motor Resistor 

There are a handful of symptoms that will tell you that the blower motor resistor is running out of life. Sometimes these issues may overlap with each other, so a professional diagnosis is imperative. Check for the following signs to spot a defective blower motor resistor. 

When the blower motor stuck to one speed 

The common symptom that can help you detect a faulty motor resistor is if the motor is when it gets stuck at one speed. It’s a clear sign that your blower motor register is at fault. One possible cause of it blowing only at a certain speed can be that the resistor shorted or failed.

The heating and cooling system may still be functional but only at one speed. But to restore it to full functionality, you need to replace the blower motor resistor. And if not addressed at the earliest, it may also cause further issues with the motor resistor switch responsible for its operation. 

Inconsistency in its functioning 

Another symptom of a faulty blower’s motor resistor is when the blower is not working for certain settings. Sometimes the blower fan may work at full speed and then suddenly drop to slower speeds. Other times it could be that your AC or heater is blowing, but you might not feel any change in the airflow. 

If the internal components falter, it can result in the malfunctioning of the blower motor. You will notice obvious inconsistencies like it not working on one or more of the settings or occasionally failing to work at all. In some cases, the fan won’t turn off. This is an uncertain issue, so a proper examination by a professional is necessary.

When the airflow from the vents is weak 

The faulty blower motor resistor can reduce the efficiency and performance of the air blower. If the airflow from your vents is inconsistent, the problem could be the blower’s motor resistor. You will notice a weak flow of air or an absence of it altogether. The inadequate airflow will not be enough to keep the insides cool or warm enough. 

There are several reasons why the cooling system might fail to work. The moment you feel that airflow is reduced, stop using it. This is because it may further damage the blower motor resistor or other parts if not checked. Consult a professional to locate the problem and get it fixed. 

No air coming out of the vents 

This is one of the common and most easily noticeable symptoms. When no air is coming out of the vents at all, it’s a clear indication that the blower motor resistor has met its match. It is because of the blower motor resistor that regulates the speed of the blower to provide you with a cooler or warmer airflow. When it fails, nothing will come out of your vents, even if your AC is on full blast. The only way to resume having cool air coming out of your vents is by replacing the faulty part. 

Smoking vents or burning smell

If you notice that the vents are emitting smoke or a burning smell, it means the resistor is on the verge of failing. This is because its internal components are exposed to excessive heat, which can lead to early failure. If left unattended, this could also damage other components in the process. Your vehicle will be at the risk of overheating if this goes on for a long time.

Professional assistance is necessary

The points we discussed above explain the possible symptoms of a damaged blower motor resistor. Now, if you notice any of these issues, you can determine the right to get the blower motor resistor replaced. However, you will need professional help to determine the cause and root of the defect and to mend it. Needless to say that it’s always better to hire a professional to get the work done efficiently. And Since you lack the necessary experience, getting help from Just Jeep in Australia will solve all your problems and avoid any further issues or accidents. 

Why Choose Just Jeep to Buy Jeep Grand Cherokee Blower Motor Resistor in Australia? 

When you need to buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee blower motor resistor in Australia, Just Jeep Auto Wreckers is here to lend a helping hand. We have been selling Jeep parts for nearly three decades and have a professional team to help you identify the right one. Taking risks with the maintenance of your vehicle is never a wise decision. So get the blower motor resistor replaced quickly before anything else goes wrong with it. 

The years of expertise and experience are reflected in their services, and if you are looking for spare parts in Australia, look no further. Just Jeep offers the best quality replacement parts at affordable prices. We offer the best deals and offers, plus our convenient payment methods and fast delivery make it easy to shop with us. The professionals are capable of identifying the right spare parts for your vehicle, so you can expect nothing less than excellence. Get in touch with us today!

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