Buy Jeep Differential Ring and Pinion Sets in Australia

Buy Jeep Differential Ring and Pinion Sets in Australia

 ·  April 27, 2022

Customising your Jeep is a lot of fun. When you choose the right auto components and accessories, you can significantly improve your vehicle's performance. If you want to strengthen the differential gearbox to tackle challenging terrain, you need to invest in ring and pinion gear sets. The Jeep differential ring and pinion sets help gain power from the driveshaft, which gets transmitted to your Jeep's axle and wheel. It will give your vehicle the energy to overcome obstacles when driving through off-road courses. As torque loading often occurs when the gear gets changed in the differential, a good quality ring and pinion set will help reduce the strain and stress of the drivetrain. When you add suspension lifts or larger tires to your Jeep, you lose the power from the driveshaft. Upgrading the ring and pinion gear sets with heavy-duty kits will provide energy and eliminate stress on the driveshaft.

What Is the Primary Task of Ring and Pinion Gear Sets?

The primary task of the ring and pinion gear sets is to spin the axles and wheels backwards and forwards. It provides extra power to the wheels and improves the drivetrain's performance. The ring and pinion gear sets work together to create torque. The torque gets used by the driver to put power to the wheels. The force depends on the ring and the pinion gear sets ratio. If the balance is large, you will find greater control going to the wheels. It will enable you to overcome any obstacles on the driving terrain easily. The teeth ratio of the ring and pinion sets needs to be proper; otherwise, they might not work correctly. Even if they function correctly initially, you might encounter problems in the future. If they don't fit together, it can cause failure and damage the gears. The pinion has fewer groves than the ring.

Ring and Pinion Sets 

The high strength ring and pinion sets are affordable and available in all ratios so that the gearing needs of all models of Jeep get fulfilled. When you install oversized tires, you will need a higher ring and pinion ratio to enhance the performance of the Jeep. The auto components get made from high-quality pistons that get built to last. The gear ratios are usually in the range of 3.55 – 4.10. The ratio indicates the number of times the driveshaft needs to spin for the wheels to rotate.

Rear Axle Ring and Pinion Gear Kit 

When you upgrade the tires of your Jeep, you need a good quality rear axle ring and pinion gear kit to improve acceleration and boost the off-road performance. The latest technology and design of the gear kit help deliver the utmost in performance.

Front Ring and Pinion Set

The quality gear set gets crafted from premium steel, which makes it long-lasting. The front ring and pinion get set to enhance the Jeep's acceleration after you have installed large tires. It is the most popular upgrade for Jeep owners looking to enjoy their off-road experience.

Ring and Pinion Gear Ratio Set with Installation Kit

The ring and pinion gear set features a gear install set, 4.10 gears, shims, crush sleeve, pinion nut, ring gear bolts, pinion seal, carrier bearings, pinion bearing, and marking compound. You can complete the installation efficiently with this kit. 

This kit's auto components provide the perfect fit for your Jeep, which will improve acceleration substantially. The friction modifier prevents chatter and provides a smooth operation. You can drive through the most challenging off-road terrain after installing this kit.

Ring Gear Bolts 

The ring gear bolts get made from premium material, which enables them to take a lot of stress. The high-performance parts get coated with black oxide, making them rust and corrosion-resistant. The oxide coating helps in keeping the bolt head clean.

Why Choose Ring and Pinion Gears?

Even though there are several ways that the torque can get transferred from the drivetrain to the Jeep wheels, the ring and pinion gear is the best way to do so. The gear help transmit the power to the wheels of the vehicle smoothly. Without this auto component, the transmission of power won't be smooth.

Types of Ring and Pinion Gears

Hunting Gear Set 

In this type of gear set, one pinion gear tooth comes into contact with the complete set of ring gear teeth. You require many revolutions of the ring gear to achieve the ideal gear combinations.

Parting Hunting Gear Set

Only one pinion gear tooth comes into contact with a few ring gear teeth in a partial hunting gear set. You will need more than one revolution of the ring gear to get all possible gear combinations in place.

Non-Hunting Gear Set 

In this gear set, only one pinion gear tooth will come in contact with one specific ring gear tooth again and again. It makes it possible to achieve all gear combinations with only one revolution.

What Do You Need to Know About Axle Gear Ratio?

The axle gear ratio will help determine the torque delivered by the transmission and engine. The percentage will specify how many times the driveshaft will need to rotate for each wheel rotation. The ratio will affect the performance of the Jeep. You will need to decide on the ratio based on your driving style. If the ratio is low, you will have slow acceleration but better fuel economy. Higher ratios will get you fast acceleration, but the fuel economy will worsen.

Just Jeep Auto Wreckers has a vast selection of differential ring and pinion sets that you can choose. Irrespective of your Jeep's year, make, or model, you will find the perfect auto component and accessories with us.

We provide the highest quality products and brands so that you can easily install them on your Jeep and enjoy your off-road ride. You can check our online catalogue if you want to change the ring and pinion sets. We are confident that you will find what you are looking for at a reasonable price when shopping with us.

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