Buy Jeep Differential Ring and Pinion Sets in Australia

Buy Jeep Differential Ring and Pinion Sets in Australia

 ·  January 24, 2022

For anyone who loves the rush and excitement of exploring uncharted terrains, jeeps are an ideal choice. And why not? They are a symbol of raw strength and power. Jeeps are meant for off-roading, which is basically bumpy roads. If you are among those who love off-roading explorations, you are probably familiar with the toll it takes on the performance and parts of the jeep. Among the various parts, the differential gear set is one of the most important. It has to withstand the daily pressure and wear and tear it goes through during its life.

The differential ring and pinions are gear sets that help transfer the power coming from the engine to the axle. They are considered very critical for Jeeps, particularly if driven on rough terrains. It is essential that the differential ring and pinion be in good condition at all times. Like any other part, Jeep differential gears are also known to go bad after a while. So, if you plan to Buy Jeep Differential Ring and Pinion Sets in Australia, having the correct information is a must. Don't fret! We'll help you land on the right one.

Signs of a Bad Differential Gear You Can Expect

Needless to say, the differential ring and pinion sets are the two most important parts of the jeep whose condition is critical for the smooth transfer of power. You would never know when your jeep's differential needs repair. But, when it does, you can expect to see certain signs.

The following are the possible signs that your jeep's differential gear is going bad, and you need to get them replaced. Also, make sure you don't use differentials made for other Jeeps in your vehicle because they may not be compatible with each other.

Reduced Handling Capabilities

The differential gear helps in the smooth transition of the power from the engine to the axle. A damaged differential gear will not be able to provide suitable performance, and it will lead the vehicle to have reduced handling capabilities. 

This is because the differential gears affect power transfer efficiency to the axle. An affected one can potentially reduce your jeep's ability to manoeuvre well. For effective handling, it's essential to keep the differential gear in check.

Tough Steering

You may notice tough steering while you are driving. This usually happens when your jeep's tyre has a lot of traction with the drive, which causes it to be difficult for you to stay in control. It can make it a real struggle to pass through a bumpy route.

This is another sign highlighting that there might be some issue with your jeep's differential gear and that it needs immediate replacement.

Excessive noise

The Excessive noise you hear while driving your Jeep is another sign that the differential gear is going bad. It will cause discomfort, and it can even be dangerous for both you and other drivers on the road.

So before it causes any more trouble, consider consulting a professional and find the right reason for the noise and get it fixed.

Damaged Tires

The health of your tire is something of the utmost importance, especially if you go off-roading often. Well, tires are subject to normal wear and tear, but if there's a sudden change in its pattern, it might be due to a damaged differential gear. 

If you have a damaged tyre, it will affect the handling of your vehicle, making it difficult to drive. If you notice the grip of your tires losing a little, chances are the poor differential gears need an upgrade.


If you are experiencing weird vibrations while driving, it is another indication of your differential ring and pinion gears going out of life. This problem may occur when the differential gear is in poor condition.

If you are uncomfortable with any of these signs, consult an expert to find out if there's anything wrong with your vehicle. Do not delay because doing so can cost you more than just repairs.

Grinding Gears

This might be due to breaks in the pinion set's teeth. It might appear as little metal grinding noises coming from your Jeep. If this is accompanied by reduced handling capabilities and other things mentioned above, then it might be time to get the jeep's differential ring and pinion replaced.

This may escalate the problem to dangerous levels very quickly. So it's best to deal with it at the earliest. It is normal for the gears to make some noise, but when it becomes excessive, there's definitely an issue with them.

How to search for the right parts?

Above, we discussed the possible signs that can indicate the differential ring and pinion sets going wrong. However, most of these signs are not easy to pick, and you may need proper technical assistance. A professional can help you get to the root of the problem and offer a sensible solution.

However, when it comes down to searching for suitable parts, price is not always a determining factor. Numerous factors play a vital role when it comes to the replacement of differential ring and pinion gears. A reliable source to get the required parts or assistance is Just Jeeps.

Why Choose Just Jeeps to Buy Jeep Differential Ring and Pinion Sets in Australia?

Just Jeeps can undoubtedly be your one-stop destination for all the jeep spare parts, accessories, and spares. They have served in this line of business for over three decades now and aim to provide the best products of great quality at reasonable prices. Their quality assistance and services reflect in the vibrant smiles of their satisfied customers. 

Their team is extremely dedicated and hardworking, with years of experience in the field. They are familiar with the automobile industry like no other, making them an ideal choice for all your jeep spare parts needs. Just Jeeps only use genuine parts that fit perfectly into your vehicle. For more information, visit the website now.

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