Buy Jeep D-Rings, Shackles & Mounts in Australia

Buy Jeep D-Rings, Shackles & Mounts in Australia

 ·  February 21, 2022

Jeep is a rugged vehicle ideal for off-roading ventures and heavy-duty material handling. Jeeps are manufacturers keeping in mind the test of their capabilities on challenging roads and terrains. They offer the thrill of exploring unexplored territories, and you can hardly doubt their safety and abilities. However, an off-road adventure is filled with unpredictable hurdles, and you never know when something’s going to go wrong. You are putting your vehicle in extreme conditions, and it’s highly likely for it to falter if it gets too much to handle. Moreover, you certainly have no way of ascertaining what hindrances nature is going to throw at you.

A Jeep breaking down in the middle of nowhere is a frightening thought, but you should be ready to deal with such situations. It’s always better to keep the right recovery tools with you as it can make the rescue easier and less stressful. They are used to attach accessories to a bumper for rescuing and some other purposes. In this blog, we are going to tell you about the uses of these recovery tools. Moreover, we’ll also shed light on a trusted source where you can buy Jeep D rings, Shackles & Mounts.

Types of D rings and Shackles

The differentiation of shackles depends on the shape and how they are used. There are mainly three points of difference. These are:

Material used

The material used makes an obvious category, and the choice of material depends upon its utilisation. The primary materials used are steel, alloy steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel, super-strong carbon steel, etc.

Design of Body

The following basis of difference is the design of the rings. These designs offer a wide range of utilities and can be categorised into the following categories.

Bow / Anchor Shackles: The bow or anchor rings have an ‘O’ shape and are considered ideal for rigging. Its design gives it the ability to connect multi-leg slings. 

Chain / D Shackles: The next you have are chain & D shackles. These, as the name suggests, resemble the shape of the alphabet ‘D’ and has a narrow shape than the bow rings. Ideal for lifting heavy loads in an in-line position.

Speciality Shackles: Apart from these, the other styles come under speciality shackles. These serve specific purposes and are mainly used for lifting. Widebody, twisted, and web-sling are some of the examples.

Style of pin

Another factor that differentiates the shackles is the design of the pin. There are the following three basic pin designs. 

Bolt Type Shackles: These shackles are secured using a bolt, nut and, cotter. They are also known as safety shackles and are considered best for rigging. Moreover, these can provide safety even where the object is subject to rotation or torque.

Round Pin Shackles: The round shackles come with a round unthreaded round pin secured with a cotter pin. Mostly favoured for tie-down or towing. It’s best to use them when the load is applied in-line. On the contrary, they are not suitable for powerlifting or multi-sling rigging.

Screw Pin Shackles: These are the most convenient to use because they are easy to connect and disconnect. This has a threaded pin passed through the ears and tightened down. The screw pin shackles shine in pick and place applications.

Uses of D-Rings, Shackles & Mounts

D rings, Shackles & Mounts are among the widely used recovery tools to pull vehicles to safety or to perform some heavy-duty operations. Whatever your case may be, you’ll be pleased to have such tools in your Jeep’s trunk. For it has multiple uses and will come very handy at the time of an unwanted problem with the vehicle.

There are several things in a jeep recovery kit, but it can be pointless if you are missing D rings or Shackles. So it’s important to invest in some good D rings. They can increase the efficiency of your rescue and can also make you self reliant in some situations. Let’s look at the various uses of these recovery tools.

Above, we mentioned the types of shackles and mentioned how some are preferred for certain operations while others are not. The major uses of shackles are rigging, lifting, towing, tie-down, and hoisting. It can be confusing, so a professional can tell you which type is suitable for your Jeep’s rescue or other lifting processes.

How to select the right shackle for you?

The D rings, Shackles and Mounts are highly versatile and assist in connecting lifting slings or ropes to load or lift and rescue a vehicle. They are majorly differentiated on the basis of material used, shape, and uses. There’s not much of a difference because, essentially, they are used for the purposes we discussed above.

However, the slight differences can make it difficult for you to figure out the best suiting recovery tool for your Jeep. So, it’s better if you consult a specialist like Just Jeep, and they can help you avoid any confusion.

Why Choose Just Jeeps to Buy Jeeps D-Rings, Shackles & Mounts in Australia?

Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers has been serving the automobile industry for over 3 decades now and has a number of satisfied customers. They offer high-quality spare parts and the necessary assistance to use or install them. The professionals at Just Jeeps possess the required experience and expertise to offer the right solution for every technical problem. 

The experts here will provide you with all the information to guide you on the best course of action. They know all about the types and uses of different shackles. So, they can help you get the one that suits your needs and vehicle. At Just Jeeps, you can get the right recovery tools at great prices. Moreover, the fast delivery makes it even better and easy to shop with them. It is undoubtedly the ideal place to buy Jeeps D-Rings, Shackles & Mounts in Australia. You can visit the website for more information.

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