Buy Jeep Compass Parts in Australia

Buy Jeep Compass Parts in Australia

 ·  March 23, 2022

Jeep Compass has the distinction of being one of the best compact SUVs in its category. Even though it is one of the best vehicles on the road, you can upgrade the Jeep to improve its performance and efficiency. The rugged-looking Jeep is a favourite choice in Australia.You can choose to upgrade the Jeep using aftermarket parts and accessories. The aftermarket parts perform as efficient as the new parts and are available at reasonable prices.

The most popular aftermarket Jeep Compass parts ordered at Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers include:


If you want to upgrade the overall stopping power or add more leverage to your Jeep Compass, you can check our selection of brakes and other braking products. From brake pads to complete brake upgrade kits, you will find different auto accessories to upgrade the capabilities of your Jeep.

When you give your Jeep superior braking power, you can effectively tackle off-road trails without causing too much stress on the axles. A heavy-duty brake kit is crucial if you add large tires to your vehicle. The rear and front brake kits are ideal for excellent braking power.


There are different types of drivetrain parts that can significantly enhance the performance of your Jeep. Build up your drivetrain system by choosing high-quality products from our inventory. 

From rugged driveshafts to differential covers, you can choose any drivetrain parts and upgrade what you want to add to your Jeep Compass.


The V6 engine generates 260 lb.-ft of torque and 285 hp of power, which will help with the strong performance of the Jeep on the trails and highway. We offer many engine parts and accessories to take your vehicle to the next level. 

A cold air intake is an excellent component that will help boost torque, horsepower, and efficiency. With many affordable options and simple installation, it is one of the most popular upgrades to your Jeep.


If you want to enhance the performance and sound of your Jeep, you can invest in a good aftermarket exhaust system. The exhausts are available in different material options, and you can choose as per your specific requirement and budget. 

The anti-corrosion properties of the exhaust system make it durable and long-lasting. You don't require permanent modifications or cutting to complete the installation process.

Exterior Parts and Accessories

Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers offers different types of exterior parts and accessories that can enable you to optimise your Jeep as you think it fits.

Tubular Grille Guard.

Front Bumper with Winch Plate. 


Trailer Hitch Receiver.

Exterior Mirror.

Rugged Radio Antenna.

D-Ring Shackle.

Windshield Header. 

Side Steps and much more.

Interior Parts and Accessories

The interiors of the Jeep Compass are versatile, and you can upgrade them with different parts and accessories. The many Jeep parts will help customise your ride.

Seat Belt Harness.

Floor Mat Kit Rear and Front. 

Front Floor Liner.

Rear Seat Covers.

Front Seat Cover.

Roll Bar Grab Handles.

Cargo Tote Bag.

Storage Bag Set and much more. 


Even though the lighting capacity of the Jeep Compass is adequate, you have many lighting solutions that can further enhance them. Lighting for off and on-road will enable you to drive day and night safely. The LED off-road lights are ideal for getting mounted on fender flares or bumpers or anywhere else that you deem fit. With good lighting, you will have better visibility, keeping you safe even on challenging terrain. You can browse our broad assortment of light covers, light bars, wiring kits, and off-road LED lights.


Lift kits, track bars, coil-over kits, springs, and shocks are some of the suspension parts and accessories to increase your Jeep's capabilities. The suspension kits make it easy to overcome obstacles like rocks and ditches. The extra ride height from the suspension parts will help your Jeep get an imposing and aggressive look.

Wheels and Tires 

The wheel and tires parts and accessories will enable you to customise your Jeep. Different wheel sizes are available, and you can choose the giant 22-inch rims. The big wheels and rims will help your Jeep get a rugged look.

Recovery Gear 

If you are an off-road enthusiast, you need to prepare for challenging terrain. We offer a wide range of recovery parts and accessories so that you can drive safely on any terrain. D-ring shackles, recovery ropes, tire kits, and winches are some of the popular recovery gear available, and they will ensure that you don't get stuck in sand and snow.

Electrical and Wiring 

The electrical and wiring accessories help the lighting system and other crucial parts of the Jeep function efficiently. If the vehicle's wiring is damaged or gets old, you need to get it replaced immediately. A complete wiring kit is ideal if your Jeep is an old model. It will ensure that your vehicle functions properly for many years.

Heating and Cooling

Irrespective of where you live in Australia, you should ensure that your vehicle's heating and cooling systems function without any issue. Radiators, fan parts, and other cooling and heating parts and accessories will ensure that the engine performs efficiently under different weather conditions.

The radiators and cooling systems should work in top condition if you want to enjoy your ride. If these auto parts and accessories don't work correctly, they can easily damage the vehicle's engine, getting expensive to repair and replace. Regular maintenance and repairs will enable you to avoid costly repairs.

Trust the experts at Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers with your aftermarket parts needs in Australia. For years, we have maintained the highest quality standards in all our auto parts and accessories, and we offer them at affordable prices. Our wide selection of aftermarket parts makes us a one-stop shop for all your Jeep models and makes.

If you want the best and most cost-effective deal on aftermarket Jeep Compass parts, your search should begin at Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers. All auto parts and accessories we sell pass stringent tests before they get approved for sale. You get assured of the best quality vehicle parts when you buy from us.

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