Buy Jeep Cherokee Steel Wheels In Australia

Buy Jeep Cherokee Steel Wheels In Australia

 ·  August 20, 2021

Have you ever felt like a wheel is just so perfect that it needs to be on your SUV? Well, if this sounds anything like what you've been feeling lately, then we're here for you. With the diversity of today's modern truck and Jeep market, there are more options than ever. From beadlocks to 24-inch forged dishes, there's something out there for everyone who loves to upgrade their vehicle.

Furthermore, if your Jeep tires are dented, scuffed, rusted, or just plain beat up, it might be time to consider new ones. New wheels will give you confidence and durability on off-road journeys while adding some style to your ride. However, just because you find a wheel that aesthetically appeals to your 4x4, the look might not work with what is underneath it. The backspacing and diameter of these tires are vital for ensuring they fit on your rig's suspension components or brake callipers without any problems. A small research can make all the difference in preventing issues before buying new wheels.

The wheel market is vast, and with so many different options available, it can be hard to know what's best. To help you out, we've composed a guide of the most common types of wheels and where you can buy Jeep Cherokee steel wheels in Australia. Keep reading!

What Are The Different Types Of Jeep Cherokee Wheels?

There are many different types of jeep wheels, each with its own specific use. Check out the list below to discover your perfect wheel.


The most traditional types of wheels are made from steel, which is durable and heavy. Steel wheels are a quarter of the price of aluminium, and they're stronger. You can often repair them on the go with some gentle hammer persuasion if you ever need to. Steel wheelsets have been wildly popular for years. While other materials may be lighter weight or stronger overall, steel has some features that make them highly appealing, durable, and rugged, making them more resistant to damage off-road. 

On the downside, steel wheels are heavier than aluminium. However, some people don't care about performance and prefer a more wallet-friendly option for their vehicles. Steel will rust if you offroad too much or when exposed to rain and snow, but that's not always an issue because new powder coating can be applied after each use. So your investment is safe.


The various parts of a wheel or the component pieces, when put together, make up your wheels. The most common ones are two-piece and three-piece wheels, where the main components (the barrel and face) are made separately before being bolted together to create one solid piece. This allows for lighter weight than steel but is still not as light as an alloy.


For a long time, alloy wheels were only used in high-end cars from manufacturers. As a result, many have switched to the more lightweight alloy wheels. But lately, these lightweight yet durable metal rims have become more popular among drivers of all levels because production is fast and easy by pouring molten compounds into preformed moulds. That requires less energy input per unit produced than other types of materials as steel. They're strong and can be created quickly with minimal effort.


The most robust wheels on the market are made from forged aluminium, which is subjected to high temperatures over 900 degrees. The metal gets crushed down to make it extremely dense and substantial; this compression also makes them light. 

Steel wheels for tow rigs are a popular choice, but many off-road racers will opt for aluminium. This is mainly due to the idea that it's easier to replace broken wheels than suspension components. Steel wheels may be an excellent option if you need new or upgraded tires and rims for your Jeep Cherokee. 

Few Things To Consider While Choosing Steel Wheels For Your Jeep

With so many choices available in the market, you might have a few questions like what to choose and how you know it will go perfectly with your SUV vehicle? We have made a list of few things that you can consider while buying steel wheels for your Jeep Cherokee.


Jeep owners have a lot of decisions to make about their vehicles. They need to decide whether they want the strength and durability of steel wheels or something more comfortable for everyday driving, like alloy ones.

Rim Size And Width

When it comes to wheel size, the choice is up to you. You want a rim that matches your Jeep's original wheels, so they fit right and don't wobble or scrape when turning corners. If going off-road might be in your plans, consider using smaller rims instead of just larger ones because these will give you more tire options for better handling on rugged terrain no matter what type of vehicle you drive. 

Bolt Pattern

Every vehicle has a specific bolt pattern that secures the wheel to the hub. For Jeeps, it's also called lug patterns. You require to match the bolt pattern of your Jeep with that on a new wheel. You also have to check for the length and number of bolts because if they don't fit, then you'll never be able to secure them in place properly.

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