Buy Jeep Aftermarket Parts In Melbourne

Buy Jeep Aftermarket Parts In Melbourne

 ·  June 17, 2022

Most Jeep models are so tough that they often outlive their service cycle. In fact, you can still observe thousands of rugged trims going strong decades past their production cycle. It happens because of a keen focus on the build quality and sustaining the scale of customisation.

However, that also means several models don't receive service either through the technicians' unavailability of factory parts or lack of experience. In this scenario, aftermarket parts are often the only respite. They can help enhance your diving experience better than the engineers ever intended in numerous cases. If you're looking to buy Jeep aftermarket parts in Melbourne, this article will tell you all about it. Plus, you'll understand why experienced service providers matter for the job.

Popular Jeep Aftermarket Parts in Melbourne

Jeep focuses on letting you customise the SUV just the way you want. There is a balanced trend in Melbourne between making the car behave on paved roads and unleashing its true spirit once it hits the dirt. You can expect a massive market for the following aftermarket parts in the region.


Jeeps don't necessarily have the most luxurious cabins for their class. Sure, you don't want the dust and dirt ruining Nappa leather with suede inserts. Nevertheless, a bit more coziness inside a 2012 Renegade or a 2015 Wrangler can go a long way. You can choose from several Jeep interior aftermarket parts and accessories to do that.

Pedals and Steering Wheel

Over time, the pedals and steering wheel in your Jeep tend to wear out after use. The lack of grip poses a severe safety and comfort issue. You can make things easier by choosing aftermarket steering wheel covers and pedal assemblies. These can decrease the strain on your arms while providing ample grip throughout each drive.

Floor Liners

Nobody likes the inside of their cars to look like they just came from conquering the South Esk river (even though that might be true in some cases). To help with that, you can install some removable floor liners inside your Jeep. They are easy to clean, and you can replace them with a fresh pair within seconds if you're running late for a party.

Chrome Inserts

The main complaint that all Jeep owners have with their car's interior is that it is too bland. However, you need not remain part of that crowd. A few chrome streaks across the door panels and headliners can add a premium look to any Jeep.

Seat Covers

Upholstery, especially with high-end Nappa leather, is hard to clean. That goes doubly true for the mates who indulge in going through the Outback often. Seat covers offer a convenient and economical way to keep your interiors appealing. You can choose from various sizes and colour schemes that perfectly suit your Jeep interior.


Although the Jeep has been around for more than 70 decades, its outer shell has not seen much modification from its WWII origins. If you desire to stand out from the crowd, a few aftermarket parts can help you to an extent.

Illuminated Running Boards

A Jeep usually has a high ground clearance to protect the drivetrain from rocks and other debris. But, it also makes it harder to climb in and out of. A couple of running boards on either side of the car can make the process more manageable. Moreover, you can choose an illuminated version that can fulfil its duties in the dark.

Cargo Racks

While Jeeps may have plenty of cargo space, they can sometimes fall short for an extended excursion into the wilderness. To alleviate the issue, you can install a few cargo racks on the roof and sides of your SUV. Depending upon the model of your Jeep, you can stow up to 400 Kg. on the external cargo racks.

Alloy Skid Plates

Steel or aluminium alloy skid plates can protect the sensitive undercarriage from rough terrain and jagged edges. The weight of such additions is considerable, so it would be best to tune the suspension accordingly.

Power Winch and Tow Cables

Getting stuck in a muddy ditch is not an expectation for off-roaders but a cruel reality. In such cases, a power winch and tow cables are your best bet in getting back on track. Even if you don't use them yourself, you can help out a fellow adventurer on the way.


Driving your Jeep SUV can only be fun if it retains its performance. Like most other cars, its drivetrain deteriorates with time. Yet, you can keep the experience fresh by installing a few aftermarket performance parts.

Air Filter

The mixture that your engine uses for combustion has more air than fuel. Thus, it must remain as clean as possible. A good air filter can help your Jeep perform admirably during the worst of sandstorms. It can also help increase your engine's life by decades.

Turbocharger with Intercooler

The exhaust gases your Jeep generates usually go to waste. But, by installing a turbocharger, you can filter those gases and feed more power into the engine. You can augment the setup with an intercooler to reduce the stress on your Jeep's native cooling system.


Sure, suspensions and steering systems are crucial when taking your Jeep off-road. Still, you're going nowhere if your driveshaft gets damaged. A reinforced aftermarket driveshaft can enable you to drive across shallow rivers without a dent in your Jeep or your ego.

Why Choose Just Jeeps To Buy Jeep Aftermarket Parts in Melbourne

Choosing an appropriate aftermarket service for your Jeep can be distressing. There are hundreds of outlets operating in Australia, with many lacking the experience to keep your Jeep in good shape. If you're looking to buy Jeep aftermarket parts in Melbourne, Just Jeeps is your best bet.

We have been at the service of Jeep owners in Australia for more than 30 years. If you have a Jeep worth driving, we can deliver you high-quality aftermarket parts for it. You can order your requirements through our official website or visit any of our stores in person. Even if we don't have the requisite parts at the moment, our team of trained experts can get them procured and installed in record time.

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