Buy Dodge Nitro Body Kit in Australia

Buy Dodge Nitro Body Kit in Australia

 ·  June 1, 2023

The Dodge Nitro is one of the most popular vehicles in Australia. With years of use, even the best vehicles need regular maintenance and care to perform efficiently on the road. If you find any worn-out or damaged auto parts and accessories, you need to get them replaced immediately. 

Apart from replacing damaged auto parts and accessories, you can also choose body kit parts to enhance the appeal and look of your Dodge Nitro. 

The body kit parts and accessories available for the Dodge Nitro at Just Jeeps include the following:

Front Bumper: Upgrading the front bumper will help ultimately transform the appearance of the Nitro's front end. Aftermarket front bumpers feature an aggressive design with more oversized air intakes, integrated fog lights, or unique styling elements like mesh inserts or LED accent lighting.

Rear Bumper: A redesigned rear bumper gives the Nitro a dynamic and sporty look. Aftermarket rear bumpers incorporate diffusers for improved aerodynamics, integrated exhaust cutouts, or custom styling elements to enhance the overall rear appearance.

Side Skirts: Side skirts are panels installed along the sides of the Nitro between the front and rear wheel arches. The skirts help create a lower profile and add a touch of sportiness to the vehicle's aesthetics. 

Depending on your choice, side skirts can get smooth and streamlined or feature more aggressive styling with sculpted lines and aerodynamic elements.

Fender Flares: Fender flares are popular additions to the Nitro. The flares give the vehicle a more rugged and muscular appearance. It helps extend the width of the wheel arches, allowing for the installation of larger wheels and tires. 

Fender flares also provide additional protection against road debris and can give the Nitro a more off-road-ready look. It is beneficial if you love off-road driving. 

Rear Spoiler: A rear spoiler is a standard accessory for the Nitro. It adds a sporty touch and can improve aerodynamics. Spoilers come in various styles, such as lip spoilers that provide a subtle enhancement or more extensive wing-style spoilers that create a more aggressive and eye-catching rear profile.

Hood Scoop: A hood scoop is an accessory that can get added to the hood of the Nitro. It creates a more aggressive and performance-oriented look. 

Grille: Upgrading the grille will significantly change the front-end appearance of the Nitro. Aftermarket options include mesh grilles, billet grilles, or unique styling variations. 

Different grille designs will give the Nitro a more customized and personalized look, whether you prefer a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic or a bold and aggressive front grille.

Body Trim and Accents: Various trim pieces and accents are available to enhance the overall look of the Nitro's exterior. It includes chrome or black accents for the door handles, mirrors, window surrounds, or other areas of the vehicle. 

Adding these accents can give the Nitro a more refined or sporty appearance, depending on your desired style. It will help add value to your vehicle. 

Lighting Upgrades: Upgrading the lighting components of the Nitro will significantly enhance visibility and aesthetics. Upgraded headlights and taillights provide improved illumination and a more modern look. 

Additional lighting elements, such as LED daytime running lights or fog lights, will also enhance functionality.

Roof Racks and Crossbars: Roof racks and crossbars are practical accessories you can choose to add to the Nitro. The racks provide additional cargo-carrying capacity and allow for the attachment of various roof-mounted accessories. 

With roof racks, you can easily transport items like bicycles, skis, kayaks, or cargo boxes, adding versatility and convenience to your Nitro.

When considering body kit parts and accessories for the Dodge Nitro, it's essential to ensure compatibility with your specific Nitro model and choose reputable aftermarket brands. 

Thorough research, consulting with professionals or experienced enthusiasts, and seeking expert help will enable you to buy the best body kit for your Nitro.

When choosing body kit parts and accessories for your Dodge Nitro, there are several factors to consider. 

Compatibility: Ensure that the body kit parts and accessories are compatible with your specific make, model, and year of the vehicle. It ensures proper fitment and functionality.

Quality and ReputationResearch the reputation and quality of the manufacturer or brand you are considering. Read reviews and seek recommendations from trusted sources to help you make an informed decision.

 Look for reputable companies known for supplying high-quality aftermarket parts and accessories.

Material and Construction: Consider the materials used in the body kit parts and accessories. High-quality components get typically made from durable materials such as fiberglass, polyurethane, or carbon fiber. These materials offer strength, durability, and resistance to harsh weather conditions.

Aesthetic Appeal:

  1. Choose body kit parts and accessories that align with your desired aesthetic preferences.
  2. Consider the complete look and style you want for your vehicle.
  3. Whether you prefer a sporty, aggressive appearance or a sleek and refined look, select components that complement your vision.

Functionality and Practicality:

  1. Evaluate the functionality and practicality of the body kit parts and accessories.
  2. Make sure the chosen components align with your intended goals.
  3. Determine if they serve a specific purpose, such as improving aerodynamics, providing additional protection, or enhancing vehicle performance.

Installation: You will find that some Dodge Nitro body kit parts and accessories might require specialized tools and expertise for proper fitting and installation. You should consider the complexity of the structure and seek help for installation.

Legal Compliance: Ensure that the body kit parts and accessories you choose comply with local regulations and laws. Certain modifications may get restricted or even illegal in some areas. Familiarize yourself with any legal requirements and restrictions to avoid complications or penalties.


  1. Set a budget for your body kit parts and accessories.
  2. Determine your spending capacity and look for options that offer the desired features and quality within your budget range.
  3. Consider the durability and long-term value of the components when evaluating their cost.

Warranty and Customer Support: Check if the manufacturer or seller offers warranties or guarantees for their products. A warranty provides peace of mind and protection against any potential defects or issues. Additionally, consider the availability of customer support service if you have any questions or concerns.

When you consider these factors, you can make an informed decision when selecting body kit parts and accessories for your vehicle, ensuring they meet your expectations in compatibility, quality, style, and functionality.

Just Jeeps has the best quality body kit parts and accessories for your Dodge Nitro. All auto parts and accessories we sell get tested for their efficiency, which ensures you get value for money. 

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