Dodge Journey Oil Filter Australia

Dodge Journey Oil Filter Australia

 ·  January 3, 2023

The mid-size SUV Dodge Journey is quite a famous ride favoured mostly for its comfort and prime looks. This spacious SUV offers a satisfactory performance that does not eat up a massive chunk of your budget. It’s possible you may have to compromise a little on some luxurious features, but it takes it away with the user-friendly system and comfort. Moreover, Its engine is capable enough to give a solid performance. But for optimal performance of any vehicle, maintenance is the key. And it is the same with the Dodge Journey!

The health of the engine is crucial for maintaining the performance and extending the life of the vehicle. Now, there are several aspects affecting your engine’s health, and the most important has to be the oil filter, for apparent reasons. With the constant usage, it is subject to go bad over time, and a faulty oil filter can hamper the engine’s performance big time. Needless to say, it needs to be replaced timely, but it’s essential to get a quality filter from a trusted source. Don’t fret! We’ll tell you the ideal place to get the required assistance or buy Dodge Journey oil filter in Australia.

What Does an Oil Filter Do?

Before we dive into the alarming signs, let’s quickly walk through the functioning of an oil filter. So you can better understand the problems and the means to get them fixed. As the name suggests, an oil filter filters the engine oil and helps keep the engine clean and maintain performance.

By stopping any contaminants accumulated over time entering the engine, it ensures that it does not dial down. If you don’t change it timely, it can get seriously clogged and cause problems with the engine and overall performance of your vehicle.

Signs of a Clogged or Bad Oil Filter

Ideally, the oil filter needs a replacement around 10000 km along with the engine oil. You can also get it changed every second time you change the engine oil. This may be different for different vehicles depending on their condition. But if you are going way out of the line for too long, it can result in severe problems with your beloved ride.

These signs can surface themselves when the oil filter is going bad, clogged, or is of the wrong type. You need to pay keen attention to catch these, and if you can’t, take help from professionals like Just Jeeps. Look out for the following signs:

Overheating of the Engine

Overheating of the engine is a common consequence of a bad oil filter. A faulty oil filter disrupts the flow of oil entering into the engine, which will adversely affect the lubrication properties of the moving parts. This can also restrict the cooling agents, and with time it will cause the engine to overheat.

This is notable, but it’s a little tricky to spot the cause as there could be other reasons for the engine overheating. You will need to get it checked by a technician to get to the bottom of the problem.

Low Oil Pressure

An engine’s cooling and lubrication are maintained with consistent oil pressure. It is the responsibility of the oil filter to maintain this pressure. So, any inconsistency, either high or low pressure, can be a result of a damaged oil filter. This will hamper your driving experience and be problematic for the engine’s health.

So if you notice the pressure dropping while driving, get it checked. This is a delicate aspect and, if left unattended for long, can cause drastic consequences. There’s a manual process to check the pressure, but you will need a professional for that.

Poor Engine Performance

A lot of factors come together for your engine to perform optimally. And since the oil filter is directing the oil flow, it can potentially be one reason for the engine’s poor performance. A faulty oil filter won’t keep the contaminants from entering the engine.

And if the oil isn’t being filtered as it should, you feel a lag in the performance. Regardless of how powerful the engine is, it won’t be able to drive out the desired power. Dirty oil in the engine can cost you its life.

Sputtering Engine

A sputtering engine is more severe than you might think. It indicates the deeper problems with your entire fuel system, and you absolutely should not take it for granted. The oil filter cleans the oil and transfers it to the engine’s moving parts, enhancing lubrication and collecting heat.

If this process is interrupted, the parts of the engine will sputter. So, get the oil filter replaced and save your engine from further damage.

Audible Metallic Noise

This is yet another sign that your oil filter is dying on you. If you notice metallic noises from the engine, it’s the moving parts. It’s because the oil flow is disrupted, and the parts are not lubricated enough.

Ignoring this will cause you heavy bucks, so get it checked as soon as you notice something like this.

Dirty Exhaust and Dark Fumes

If you notice dirt in your exhaust along with dark fumes, it’s a confirmation that the oil filter is causing some issues. It’s mainly due to the burning impurities of the engine oil leaked into the tailpipe due to a broken oil filter. 

You may also notice a foul burning smell or oil leaks on the ground. Get it checked before it becomes a big problem.

Why Choose Just Jeeps to Buy Dodge Journey Oil Filter in Australia?

The signs discussed above aren’t that easy to spot, and it’s always better to be done by a professional. That’s where the experts at Just Jeep come into play. Just Jeeps deals in spare parts and can be the ideal place to buy Dodge Journey oil filters in Australia. They have been serving in the automobile industry for over three decades and possess the necessary experience and expertise. Check out their website for more information.

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