Buy Dodge Journey Front Seat in Australia

Buy Dodge Journey Front Seat in Australia

 ·  August 1, 2021

The Dodge Journey front seat has incredible features, which are a big plus. The front seats can get manually adjusted. The cloth upholstery is standard. The front row is roomy and comfortable. The optional upgrades are heated front seats and leather upholstery when you buy the Dodge Journey.

The front seats are the most used, and this often results in wear and tear. You might have to replace the front seats to add value to your vehicle's interiors. Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers has different front seats, and you can choose depending on the model and make of your Dodge Journey.

Front Seat Storage 

People often tend to leave their sunglasses, smartphone or wallet out in the open on the seats. Due to this, they get stolen. The passenger side front seat has a secret compartment. It is one of the fantastic interior features of the Dodge Journey.

The secret compartment has enough space for you to store your laptop and other valuable things away from the prying eyes of thieves. You can access this space efficiently and safely keep things.

Before you choose a front seat for your Dodge Journey, there are several things that you need to consider.

Approved and Tested

The front seat you choose to buy should have got approved and tested. The seat should get tested in a rear-facing and forward-facing collision. You will feel safe when you are aware that the seat got tested and the necessary approvals provided. 

It would be best if the front seat had got tested for side impact too. You should never compromise on your safety and buy vehicle seats that don't have a good collision approval rating.

All front and passenger seats that we sell have got thoroughly tested for their endurance capacity and efficiency. The seats are available in different sizes and materials, and you can choose as per your individual preferences.

Ensure You Choose the Correct Size and Height

The size and height of the vehicle seats you choose should fit your vehicle perfectly. As you might spend considerable time in the front seat when driving, it should be comfortable.You will be able to adjust most front seats as per your height and comfort. Before you choose a vehicle seat, you must be aware of the make, year, and model of the Dodge Journey for which you plan to buy the front seat.

Secure Installation 

The installation of the front seat should be easy and secure. If the installation is not secure, it will affect your safety. Always ensure that you have followed all the instructions when installing your vehicle seat.

Side Impact Protection 

Side impact protection is crucial when buying a front seat. It will ensure that you get protected from all sides if there is a collision or an impact.

Adequate Leg Room

Always choose the front seat that will give you adequate legroom. It is beneficial if you have to drive long distances. You need to look for features that include adjustable reclining position and adjustable height.

Choose the Right Front Seat Model 

If the front seat of your vehicle gets damaged, you need to get it replaced immediately. Would you mind not making the mistake of driving with a broken or damaged vehicle seat, as it will compromise your safety on the road?

You need to ensure that you are choosing the suitable model for your Dodge Journey. There are different types of vehicle seats, and you need to choose one that fits you comfortably. If the size and fit are not proper, you cannot install the front seat securely. 

The other seat accessories you can buy to protect and enhance your front seat includes the seat cover, seat belt cover, neck pillows, arms rest, and car seat lumbar pad.

Seat Covers 

Buying a front seat is a significant investment, and if you want to protect it, you can opt for a good quality seat cover. When choosing the seat cover, there are different types of materials you need to focus on.

Choose a suitable material that will make you feel comfortable in the hot weather conditions of Australia. Seat covers made of cloth are the most comfortable. The different seat cover materials include fabric, leather, velvet, and jute.Buy a seat cover resistant to heat. Pure leather will not absorb heat. It is best if it is also odour resistant. It will ensure durability and a longer life for the seat cover. Apart from the material, it would be best if you also focused on the seat cover colour. Choose a good colour that matches the interiors of the Dodge Journey.

Seat Belt Covers

The sharp edges of the seat belts often make them uncomfortable. You need to wear seat belts at all times, and the seat belt covers make them comfortable to wear even for longer durations.

Front Seat Lumbar Pad 

The front seat lumbar pad will help cushion the back of the driver and passenger. The lumbar pad has an ergonomic design and will help prevent fatigue even when you drive through challenging terrains. The seat lumbar pad is easy to install, and it is beneficial when you go on long trips.

Neck Pillow 

The neck pillow will give support and comfort to your neck. It is pretty useful when you drive through trails. The neck pillow is a good upgrade you can choose for your vehicle. The neck pillow is available in different styles and colours. You can choose the colours to match the interior look of your car.

Arm Rest 

The armrest will give support and comfort to the driver and passenger. Ensure that the armrest gets cushioned so that you can rest your hands on them.

Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers has different sizes and styles of front seats and seat accessories. You can choose the various accessories from our online store.Be assured that any auto accessory you buy from us has got checked for quality and efficiency. Place an order, and we will ship to any of the addresses you specify in Australia.

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