Buy Chrysler 300 Interior Parts In Australia

Buy Chrysler 300 Interior Parts In Australia

 ·  May 16, 2022

If you’re looking for an old-school luxury sedan that reeks of muscle power, the Chrysler 300 is a perfect choice. It is robust, comfortable to drive, and has a mean, muscular look that you can’t pull with any other saloon within a reasonable budget. The Chrysler 300 has been available in Australia since 2005. Although there have been several versions over the years, it still carries the attitude of its predecessors for 2022.

The interior of the Chrysler 300 is quite roomy. You get more than 56 inches of shoulder room in the back. However, even with the Nappa leather upholstery, it seems dated. Sure, fans of old no-nonsense sedans might find it nostalgic, but it doesn’t generate a lot of excitement from the younger generation. It is why you might go for a few interior parts and accessories to spice things up.

Read on to learn how to choose and buy Chrysler 300 interior parts in Australia. Moreover, you’ll get to know how the right professionals can help bring out their best.

Chrysler 300 Interior Parts and Accessories

There are several parts that you can procure for your Chrysler 300. There might be times when you want to replace any old, damaged parts or want to make the interior ambience more upscale. In such cases, you can go for the following interior parts and accessories:

Shifter Knob

A new shifter knob can make your gear shifts seamless and convey a statement of style to any other occupants. It is not that expensive, and you can get one for both automatic and manual versions of the Chrysler 300.

Steering Wheel Cover

Changing the steering wheel cover can upgrade the style of your car for only a few dollars. It is easy to put on and allows for an improved grip to make your everyday driving safer. You can browse through a collection of pre-made steering covers or order a custom one.

Floor and Dash Panels

Factory-installed floor and dash panels can show signs of damage after a few years. It calls for replacing panels with new variants that you can get in your choice of colour and texture. New dash panels can also allow you to try out new designs for door handles and armrests.

Seat Covers/Upholstery

You can swap the stock upholstery on your Chrysler 300 with leather as per your preference. Maybe you got bored of the age-old design and want to try something more vibrant. Alternatively, you can utilize seat covers which are much easier to clean or replace.

Door Handles and Armrests

Not many people think of door handles and armrests as crucial interior parts. Yet, switching them can increase the level of comfort for both front and rear passengers. Wider armrests and ergonomic door handles can provide convenience for both short trips and long journeys.


Custom floor carpets offer an easy and inexpensive way to add some style to your Chrysler 300 sedan. You can conveniently remove and clean while keeping shoe dirt away from the floor panels.


A common problem among Chryslers is the moisture seeping into the ceiling. You can rectify it by replacing the headliners and inserting fresh fabrics from the inside. It also allows you to better waterproof the roof without much trouble.

Interior Trim Accents

Plastics are not very favourable when you want to make a luxury statement. Most people go with replacing the entire panel, which is both expensive and time-taking. Instead, you can use chrome or wood accents. They will enhance the interior aesthetics of your Chrysler 300 while saving you some cash.

Sound System

The best audio system you can get from a factory Chrysler 300 is a 900-Watt 12-speaker system. However, audiophiles can go for several third party options. You can choose from high-wattage 16-speaker surround sound variants. In addition to speakers, you can enhance your music experience with tweeters and subwoofers.

Dash Kits

Your car's dashboard plays a significant role in subconsciously determining the ambience of your vehicle. Thus, you can switch up the look of your Chrysler's interior by using dash kits with multi-tone accents and custom upholstery.

Emblems and Logos

Few accessories speak of your personality more than emblems and logos fixed across the car. You can let your occupants know of your loyalty to the brand through them. Furthermore, custom Star Wars, Marvel, DC, or Transformer emblems can bring your tastes wherever you drive your car.

Air Freshener

The smell inside the car can go stale quickly, primarily when you often use the air conditioning. You can uplift the mood by using an air freshener for your Chrysler. You can place one on the vents or install a multi-fragrance system that may contain up to 14 flavours.

Interior LED and Mood Lighting

If you desire to make your Chrysler 300 interior seem like an Audi or Mercedes-Benz, interior lighting is the way. LED lighting strips can elevate the cabin's atmosphere. Automated mood lighting can make the interior feel like your own personal club if you genuinely want the best visuals.

Sound Deadening Fabrics

No one likes to listen to annoying traffic and road noise during their city commutes. A straightforward solution is to utilize sound deadening fabrics across the window frames. These can reduce any external noise by up to 90%, depending on the thickness of the fabric layers.

Sun Shades/Sun Visors

Having the sun in your eyes is harmful in multiple ways, especially while driving. Instead of carrying a set of shades all the time, you can use custom sun shades or sun visors to beat the Australian sun.

Slider Consoles

A stylish addition to your Chrysler 300 cabin, automated slider consoles make the storage of any beverages or wallets appealing. It might seem wasteful at first, but slider consoles make the most of the interior space without sacrificing function.

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