Buy 2007 Jeep Compass Strut Assembly in Australia

Buy 2007 Jeep Compass Strut Assembly in Australia

 ·  April 15, 2022

A strut assembly is an essential component of the Jeep Compass suspension system. The structure of the suspension gets support from struts. When the struts, shocks, springs, axle bearings, chassis parts, and power steering components function efficiently, you will enjoy your ride on any terrain.

If your Jeep Compass ride has become a bit bumpy, the Jeep bounces or drifts to one side, or you hear noises when going over a speed bump, it could mean trouble with the suspension system. If the suspension system components are worn or damaged, you need to get them replaced immediately. The struts should function properly, as they can affect the safety of your Jeep. The auto component will also ensure that stability and steering aren't compromised, apart from delivering a smooth ride. It will help prevent the tires, brakes, and other suspension parts from getting damaged.

Most Jeep owners tend to get confused between shocks and struts. It would be best if you ascertain whether the shocks or struts have been damaged and need to get replaced. If you cannot determine which auto component has got damaged, you can seek the help of a qualified mechanic to find out the issue.

The most popular strut assembly parts and components include:

Strut Mounting Kit 

The new strut mounting kit gets specifically designed to reduce vibration and noise. If the strut components get worn out, you need to replace them immediately. The advanced elastomer technology of the strut assembly component has metal to rubber bonding that reduces vibration and noise and enhances memory steer to improve performance. The kit includes premium replacement components such as a front bearing plate, upper spring seat, bearings and mounts, upper and lower spring isolators, and bolts and nuts. The kit makes it easy to install the strut components.

Coil Spring Strut Assembly with Mounts 

The auto component made from premium materials lasts long and adds value to your vehicle. The protective coating on the strut will help prevent corrosion and rust. The installation process can get completed within minutes as all the parts get included in a single unit.

The upper strut mount ensures steering precision and prevents vibration, noise, and memory steer. The coil springs have been designed and calibrated based on the engine size and model of the Compass. The performance of the Jeep will improve drastically, which will enable you to enjoy your drive. The springs will provide good height retention even withstanding high-stress capabilities. You can drive in any challenging terrain when installing these auto components on your vehicle.

Front End Shocks and Struts 

The twin technology active control system of the front-end shocks and struts help reduce vibration and noise. The rod displaced valving enables you to precisely tune each vehicle to most driving conditions. The protective coating prevents corrosion and rust.

Rear Shocks and Struts 

The rear shocks and struts get designed to improve the performance and drivability of your Jeep Compass. The auto part also filters out harshness and vibration. You can precisely handle and control your vehicle after installing this auto component successfully. You can drive smoothly both in on and off-road terrain.

Strut Spring Compressor 

Strut spring compressors are suitable when replacing strut assembly cartridges and other components. You can use this auto part to compress the door springs of your vehicle.

The spring compressors get made from high-quality materials, making them capable of taking a lot of pressure. The durable and robust material will last longer and add value to your Jeep Compass. The steel construction of the compressor makes it an ideal choice for heavy-duty use. The size of the compressor is different, and you need to choose one that matches the model and make of your Jeep.

Different Types of Strut Compressors

Internal Spring Compressor 

The internal spring compressors get placed on the inside, which will ensure that the internal structure doesn't get compromised. The jackshaft tool gets used by the internal spring compressors. It is the tool that pulls the coils together from the inside.

External Spring Compressor 

The external spring compressor will grip the springs from the outside, which will help keep the coils in their place. After installation, you will have to tighten the clamps. The compressor's coils will all come together and function properly when you complete the tightening.

Things to Consider When Choosing Complete Strut Assembly

When choosing the strut assembly for your 2007 Jeep Compass, you must consider several factors.

Total Number of Struts 

The total number of struts that get used in a Jeep is four. It includes two struts for the front tires and two for the rear tires. It is best to buy struts for both the tires as it will improve the performance of your Jeep and enable you to save money. The type of vehicle you drive will also determine the total number of struts you can use on them. The terrain you drive will also help you decide the kind of struts you need for your vehicle. If you love off-road, you should avoid driving.


Before you choose any struts for your 2007 Jeep Compass, you need to ensure that they match the model of your vehicle. The Compass is available in different trims variations, and you should choose a strut that works well with the trim version you own.


If the older strut gets damaged or broken, you need to get it replaced so that it doesn't affect the safety of your vehicle. All aftermarket auto components and accessories that Just Jeep Auto Wreckers sells get covered with a warranty.

Just Jeep Auto Wreckers has different strut assembly components for the 2007 Jeep Compass. Each auto part and accessory sold by us are genuine and will provide value for money. When you buy and install good quality struts and shocks, you will notice the difference in vehicle handling and ride safety.

We specialise in getting auto components for even old models of vehicles, which has made us the preferred choice of Jeep owners looking to enhance the performance of their cars and other vehicles in Australia.

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